Monday, 27 July 2020

More junk journaling.

Paper Doll by Tim Holtz idea-ology
Keep Swimming by me! for Carabelle Studio

I do love a bit of no-pressure junk journaling, it is just so liberating. The page on the left was originally a mop-up page from a previous Gel print, and on the right, the two off-cuts were from a larger piece of paper that I have on my desk to catch any mess and to clean my brush on! 

The art that I haven't actually thought about or intended is often the best! Why is that??

I coloured the fish (and the Art Dolls below) with my *new* Ecoline brush pens which were a gift from a very good friend who knows me well! I picked up the ink with a waterbrush, and I like them very much - great colour :-) 

I taught this as an on-line live class on Facebook over the weekend. Who knew that in 2020 on-line live classes would even have been a thing?! This year has thrown us a curve ball and we're all having to adapt. It's been a huge learning curve for me, for sure (thank goodness for tech-savvy teenagers to the rescue).  It is fantastic to think that you can get together with a group of people on-line, over the internet, and create something together. People have been sharing their makes the group and it is wonderful to see!

After the event the class remains in the FB group to view, and I'll be adding an edited version too - with a bit less waffle from me! See it *here*

Art Dolls by me! for Carabelle Studio


  1. Brilliant pages Kate and it was a great on-line class what are you doing for your next one 😀 x

  2. Fabulous class Kate. You are right, having tech savvy kids helps us through! Love your stamp designs for Carabelle Studio, especially those fish. Looking forward to completing my junk journals over the next few days, in between visits with my grandfairies! Have a great week. Look forward to the next class. How about mini books?


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