Thursday, 4 June 2020

More live art journaling on-line!

OOOh it's time for another LIVE on-line art journaling class!

Find the details on Etsy **here**

Following on from my first FB live class in May, I am going to go live on Facebook with another art journaling class. During this current pandemic and period of lockdown I am missing the regular contact of my in-person art journaling classes so the next best thing is going live for a couple of hours (or so...) where we can journal along together. 

During the class you will be able to play along, ask questions, see Kate's untidy chaotic studio (lol!) and create some colourful, freestyle art journaling pages. There will be no pressure to complete these pages on the day, just a relaxed approach to playing with layers, colour, collage, different paints and mediums. The film will be available in the group to view after the event incase the timings don't work for you, or if you just want another look!

The supplies list is general, and absolutely nothing specific is required because as I always say 'USE WHAT YOU HAVE'. 

So get yourselves a nice cup of tea, get comfy, grab your favourite art supplies and let's art journal our way through this pandemic.....

acrylic paints
gesso (or prep your pages with gesso in advance)
any art journal or loose leaf pages (I'm working on loose leaf pages and random pages for a hand-bound junk journal)
anything to add extra colour: pastels, oil pastels, crayons, pencils
paint pen in white
a small selection of a variety of texture stamps / background stamps
a feature stamp to use as a focal point on the page (I used the fish from Keep Swimming by Carabelle Studio but you can use anything) and something to colour in with (or have it ready coloured!)
piece of deli paper or tissue paper to create collage for the background
stabilo or dark pencil
old text or sheet music for collage
gel medium

Skinny art journaling.

One of the things I really wanted to improve on during these strange lock-down times was my bookbinding skills. I wanted to be able to stitch signatures by hand rather than resorting to the lazy way of using my sewing machine! It's actually not that hard, although a book binding cradle help you to lunch holes in the right place without the effort of measuring (I don't like measuring)

I got a very lovely wooden book binding cradle *here*

I decided to make a tall (A4 height) but skinny journal as I was inspired my friend Lyn who took my Journal Soup classes but completed them on pages tall and skinny just like this. Hers looked fabulous so of course I had to do it too ;-)

I made the wrap around cover from a material called 'paper leather' which is a bit like paper but also a bit like leather ha! It's nice and sturdy, and fairly resilient so good for a journal cover.

I've made my first scribbly, colourful, messy page, and I'll be doing more. Such a fun size!

Saturday, 16 May 2020

Live art journaling class!

Who would have thought a few months ago, that we would all be asked to stay home, stay safe, be alert etc? I never imagined that ALL of my art classes would be cancelled for the foreseeable future but here we are. And we're all still hungry to make art! Probably even more so.

Following on from filming my journal soup 3 class it seemed that many of you wanted to art journal along in a live class, with a bit of chit chat along the way. So, next Wednesday that is what I'll be doing at 2.30pm GMT - WHICH IS 3.30 UK TIME.

You can expect some colourful, relaxed, messy art journaling and all the details (including supplies list) can be seen on the class description *here*.

Thanks to you all for your amazing support. See you next Wednesday!

Friday, 15 May 2020

NEW colours!!

Well Dressed Fish by me! for Carabelle Studio

I was lucky enough to be sent some FABULOUS new watercolours this week as a gift from a friend, and they are the cutest thing EVER :-) These are the wonderful watercolour mini dots by Daniel Smith, from Colourstock Benelux. For small dots of paint they certainly pack a punch!

You might have seen in previous posts that I'm currently putting together random pages for a junk journal, which I'm having a lot of creative fun with. I love the randomness of working like this, and the overlapping different size pages.

I put my coloured fish on a scrap from an old Gel Press print, and I like the way he hangs off the edge of the page! Too big for his boots ;-)

Just look at the cuteness of these colour dot cards, with their fabulous little quotes! Great for journaling on the go too.

Right, I'll be back later with some news about an on-line LIVE art journaling class I'm going to be doing next week ... watch this space!

Monday, 11 May 2020

Expressive art journaling.

Just a few pages from my Joggles disc-bound loose-leaf journal (great for mucky pups!) I didn't intend it to be, but it is turning into a journal all about the pandemic and the effects on us as a family.

Art is an expression of yourself whether you like it or not! Every time you add something to the page it is saying something about you.

I have been hugely inspired by the Wanderlust course this year, and due to the pandemic I have had plenty of time to watch the videos and play along, so there is a lot of Wanderlust inspiration in these pages.

Have you been watching Grayson Perry's Art Club (Channel 4, Monday 8pm - UK). If not then do, it's fabulous! And he comes out with some great and profound quotes, in a very relaxed way. In week one he said something like ... 'making art is like setting your ideas in concrete'. True.

Unintentionally butterflies keep appearing on my pages ...  maybe because they represent freedom ... 

And I found this great little quote in a very tiny dictionary I got from an antiques store/junk shop. Doesn't this just sum things up at the moment?

What day is it anyway?!

And here is this coming week's project. Another junk journal taking shape. I've got my signatures ready but I'm going to bind it properly this time (I cheated last time and used my sewing machine) and put these inside a vintage dictionary cover. Watch this space ... !