Wednesday, 19 August 2015

21 Secrets

It's that time of year again! The fabulous 21 Secrets is due to begin on 28th September 2015, but guess what? I'm a free early bird give-away!

Although I won't actually be teaching at this year's event, there is a special promotion for those who sign up early - between August 19th and September 3rd to be precise. You will get access to 10 live art journaling lessons, originally recorded as part of last year's 21 Secrets from all of these lovely artists:

21 Secrets is an amazing long established on-line collective art journaling playground. It's where my Journal Soup classes all began :-) Go and check it out! You won't be disappointed!

Monday, 10 August 2015

Planner Journaling

You may have seen in a previous post *here* that I have been doing some journaling, painting, stamping and generally messing around in a lovely new journal given to me on my birthday by my lovely friend Mell.

When Mell first gave this to me I didn't really know what it was. 'It's a fauxdori' she said, 'you know like a Midori'. Well I didn't know then, but I do know! There is a huge community out there getting creative with planners. Who knew?! 

Well, everything in my house is covered in doodles and colour  ... can't help myself, so this has been keeping me well occupied, and perfect timing for the summer holidays when we have been out and about a lot. This is PERFECT for journaling on the go.

You can see a combination of stamping (my hand carved colour wheel), drawing, handwritten notes (ahhh!), and stickers. OMG how I love stickers. These cutie masked animals came from Paperchase, with matching washi tape. How cute are these? Really I am not safe to be let loose in Paperchase ... there are too many pens, books, stickers and washi tape and you can never have enough ;-)

So here's a closer peek at the pages.

This doodle is in reference to my husband and I's love of tea, especially Tea Pigs. I am drinking a cup of Chocolate Flake tea as I type this. Yes, really. If you haven't tried chocolate tea yet, you should.

I love the fact that my planner pages start off quite sensible with lists of what to take camping with us etc, but then I end up doodling and adding colour around it!
You can also see some of my stickers that I had printed at Moo using my own artwork.

We went camping this weekend and it was glorious! Sunshine and everything! And of course I took my planner with me. We had a conversation at the pub about meteor showers in August, and about how we were going to stay up late wrapped in blankets looking for them. But then we fell asleep ;-)

I have had this little water colour palette for ever, and it seems to last forever. It's great for journaling on the go. It even comes with it's own little brush. Cute!

Right back to the laundry. How can one weekend of camping generate SO much laundry?! Byeeeee!

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Journal Play :-)

Curlz by me!
I can Sing by me!
Design Cube 2 by France Papillon

When you have new stamps you just have to play in your journal. And did I say I'VE GOT NEW STAMPS??! You can see my full range for Stampotiqe Originals *here*. 

For a list of UK stockists please check my blog page *here*

I used Talens Amsterdam acrylics - standard range to create my background and added some extra pattern with stencils, and France's Design Cube.

Some of you have been asking how I colour my images .... It varies, but I often start with Copic markers, which I love but the end result can look a little flat. So I then add extra shading with Polychromos pencils by Faber Castell. A little while ago I did a quick tutorial on colouring images with pencils ... if you missed it you can check it out *here*.

Of course once I started making a creative mess at my desk (!)  I had to carry on. I'm loving the combination of two of the new Distress Inks - Abandoned Coral, and Fossilised Amber. Gorgeous colours! And my new Foxy looks right at home on that colour combo!

Foxy by me!
Crow Line by Janet Klein
Spidergrass by Jo Capper Sandon
All for Stampotique Originals

Byee for now!

Monday, 3 August 2015

New Rubber! And other things ....

Christmas Boots by me! for Stampotique Originals

Ooh I just love new rubber! This week my latest designs for Stampotique originals arrived all the way from USA and I'm so exciiiiited!! You can see all of the designs *here*

I decided to start with Christmas Boots ... which is a little unusual in August but you know it's only 144 days till Christmas. Just saying. I coloured her with Copics and then a bit of Polychromos pencils on top.

Christmas Boots by me! 
Design Cube 2 and barcode by France Papillon
Journey Collage by Amy Wilson Wellenstein

In fact I have had a very pleasant afternoon just colouring in - one of my all-time favourite pastimes ;-)

(A little while ago I did a quick step-by-step guide to colouring images which you can find *here*)

Frock, Christmas Boots, Foxy, Curlz

In the UK Stampotique Originals are available from:

I don't know about you, but once I have images stamped, coloured and cut out I am usually fairly eager to stick them somewhere. Today my planner was open on my desk, and so the images just had to be stuck in there. I think they look quite at home on my busy planner pages.

Now, this isn't just any old planner. No. This is my new Foxydori planner given to me by my lovely friend Mell for my birthday, with handmade inserts. I just LOVE it and it has already kept me quite occupied over the last couple of weeks. This is my place for art, stamping, doodles, shopping lists, meal planners, etc etc you get the idea. It is also a place for me to stick tickets, receipts, notes etc which I am obsessive about collecting (at least I am honest).

Something else I am fairly obsessive about is cutting out cute pictures from magazines. All the magazines in my house have bits missing. Oh Comely magazine is my all-time favourite mag - full of quirky articles and lovely illustrations, and the pictures on this page came from there:

And these pages are full of bits I have collected. Oh, and a meal planner. Now, I am not proud of this meal planner, even I can see that it looks unhealthy and unappetising. But hey, sometimes when the fridge starts to look a bit empty you just eat what you've got left, right?!

After seeing a lovely tutorial on-line to make a card holder, I made one to fit inside my journal, to hold all of those annoying-but-essential cards that just clog up your purse. If you want to see the tutorial it's *here*

I plan to carry this planner around with me all summer, and every time I can snatch just 5 minutes I shall add a little. And it will make me happy :-)))

Byee for now!

Monday, 20 July 2015

More mandalas!

Well, I have decided that mandala painting is a little addictive. There's just something so soothing about going round in circles..... This time I wanted my mandala to be a little less structured so the main rainbow colours have been painted with my hands to get rid of any harsh joining lines. I used DecoArt fluid acrylics from the Media line, with the tinting base to allow me to build up layers of colour. (I am in love with the tinting base!)

I added some touches of collage using scans of my own backgrounds and a little moth for the centre.

I almost did this in my journal but changed my mind at the last minute and decided to paint it on wooden box frame.

 And I used some of my mark-making techniques (see this blog post here) to fill in around the edges.

It's the summer holidays here in the UK which means we ditch the routine for a few weeks (hurrah!) but it also means I step away from the art a little and concentrate on spending some quality time with my kids. I'll still be around I just won't be as productive for a few weeks!

I'll leave you with some pictures from our first summer holiday outing yesterday to the seaside. Noe, this is what I call a bit of driftwood! How I wish this would have fit in the car ...

Byee for now. Have a wonderful summer wherever you are!