Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Day 12 - Fairies!

Fee Coquelicot by Soizic for Carabelle Studio

OK, OK, I'm back in my comfort zone today ;-) Fairies is right up my alley. I used the gorgeous Coquelicot by Soizic but I stamper her twice - once onto card and once onto Grafix Duralar so she could have transparent fairy wings (I wouldn't mind some transparent fairy wings myself!)

I folded the wings up so that they are 3-D. They are a little larger than the Stamp stamp but she is well and truly spreading her wings so that's ok.

And just a reminder of how tiny these little AT stamps are - such a cute cute challenge!

#30daysofAtstamps #ATstampswithCarabelle

Monday, 11 November 2019

Playing catch up!

Quirky by me! For Carabelle Studio
My Stamp by Carabelle Studio

Oh dear, oh dear, it had to happen. Yup, I'm running late ;-) Missed a couple of days and now I'm playing catch up. Normal service will resume shortly...

Anyway, day 9 is FUNNY so I added a fake moustache because a fake moustache is ALWAYS funny. OK?!

Day 10 is 'Words'. I used my typewriter to add 'rabbit rabbit rabbit' on a Gel Press printed background, because of course, to 'rabbit' is to talk at length, so ... lots of words.

Crayoned Elements by me! For Carabelle Studio

Day 11 is 'Textures'. Texture is absolutely NOT my favourite ... I'm much MUCH happier with flat multi-layers of colour. BUT I won't be defeated so I had a play with some Cosmic Shimmer Lava Paste through a stencil. Ooooh it's almost alien in the way it puffs up when you heat it!

Stencil: Leaf line by me! for Carabelle Studio

Anyway, here are days 1 to 11 - looking kind of cute when you put them altogether :-)

#30daysofAtstamps #Atstampswithcarabelle

Friday, 8 November 2019

Carabelle challenge Day 8 - all about LUUURVE

'My Stamp' by Carabelle Studio
image from 'Lolly Dolly' by me! for Carabelle Studio

It's day 8 already and it's all about love and hearts. Fortunately 'Lolly Dolly' has a hanging heart and I was able to use just part of the image. The great thing about doing a challenge is that it really does force you to think and see and use things in a different way.

See more about the challenge *here* and feel free to join in!

I'm using up lots of my GelPress off-cuts ... I just *knew*they would all come in handy for something lol!

Anyway, have you got an ear worm now? You're welcome ;-)

There's loads of inspiration and really cute ideas on Instagram and Facebook ... just follow the hashtags:

#30daysofATstamps #ATstampswithCarabelle

Thursday, 7 November 2019

Day 7 - Tick tock!

Day 7 of the Carabelle challenge and it's time! Tick Tock. But can you believe I didn't have a clock stamp? I know, I know! So I made a clock face out of System Solaire and placed it on a Gel Press background.

I added little teeny tiny hands - they move and everything!!


Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Day 6 it's Christmaaaaaas!

Day 6 of the Carabelle challenge and Christmas has come early!

To make my teeny tiny Christmas tree I used a Gel Press print because the bunting shapres on my Jamboree Art Printing plate can also look like Christmas trees!