Thursday, 25 September 2014

The evolution of a doodle...

I'm still happily working away in my Art Doodle Love book. This book has really encouraged me to draw, and then draw some more! I love that I can take it around with me easily, and consequently I have drawn in the book here, there and everywhere! Here's a just a few pics to show you how the pages evolve.

I mostly use a combination of Polychromos and Prismacolor pencils, along with a fine PITT pen and a white Signo Uniball.

And if there are bits on a page that I like, I scan them and then use them in other projects!

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Whimsical animal art journaling!

This background sat around untouched for a while ... I couldn't think what I wanted to add to it but then I had the urge to paint a rabbit!

Usually whatever I'm playing about with in my art journal makes its way into my regular art journaling class at Art from the Heart (UK). We began by sketching a few whimsical designs before trying them out on tags:

And then we moved onto a larger scale in our art journals. Here's the finished results. Fab!

And I just wanted to share my latest pen find with you all ... Ooh, I love a new pen :-) This one is a Molotow paint pen with a brush tip, which takes the pain out of brush script writing on your journal pages. What a find!

And finally, the latest classes at Art from the Heart (UK) are now up on the website, so go and take a peek! Have a look *HERE* for all the details.

Regular art journaling
Sat 4th October
Sat 22nd November
Sun 14th December

Mini art journaling
Tuesday 28th October

Stamp Carving (sorry - sold out)
Saturday 18th October

Saturday 29th November

A whole weekend of art journaling!
10th/11th January

Monday, 15 September 2014

Inspired by Journal Soup 2!

by Louise

Well, what a week it's been! Only a week or so ago I finally managed to upload all the files to Vimeo for my latest on-line class, and I been overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response :-) There's a very active group over on Facebook where photos of art work are being shared and to see the art that has been created through Journal Soup 2 makes my heart sing! It's interesting to see everyone's individual touches added ... no two pages look alike even though they were created from the same tutorials.

Without further ado ... here are some of the wonderful pages which have been shared in the last week (Thanks so much to everyone for allowing me to share):

by Michaela

by Danielle

by Catherine

by Chris

by Lesley

by Soraya

by Louise

by Gerrittina

A fabric version by Susan 

by Becky

by Tracy

By Kirsty

by Danielle

by Lois

by Maggie

by Susan

by Lesley

by Morning Dove

by Joy

So, what's everyone been saying?

I have watched the intro and part of lesson 1 and now really want to buy a heat too. I loved Journal Soup 1 and cannot wait to try all the techniques you teach in Journal Soup 2. Thank you so much for offering these classes. You are a wonderful teacher! Jean

Loving this course. Danielle

I am loving the class! Robyn

After a long absence from being arty journal soup has got me going again! Maggie

Kate I had such fun, thank you so much! Biggest tip was the colour wheel I'd have never put green as this background. Louise

.... you've opened my eyes to art journalling. I'm so glad to have found a teacher who is English and explains things slowly and clearly. No disrespect to our USA cousins but we Brits understand our own language when it comes to art materials etc that bit better. Thanks Kate Crane!

Really enjoyed this, feeling inspired and I've a shopping list the length of my arm now! Louise

I love your style of teaching. Lois

Highly recommend! Loving it. Danielle

Just finished the first class after a lovely day playing around with these ideas Kate. It was great to take time over it. Actually completed a couple of art journal pages too! Loving it! Chris

I love art journaling and I particularly love Kate's work. I've been lucky enough to attend some of her workshops. She's a great teacher. Looking forward to this second Journal Soup. Chris 

Fab class by a fab teacher. Kirsti

I love owls and Kate's way of drawing whimsical suits me perfectly. Tracy

Kate your class is actually helping me find my style which is much more than I anticipated. Danielle

Awww, shucks. Thanks everyone, and thanks for sharing your lovely art :-)

The details of my latest on-line offering can be seen *here*.

And I leave you with this photo, which I love! Taken by Lesley as she created along to Journal Soup 2.... you can see the vid playing on her i-pad as she creates in her journal. My, what a whole new world the internet has opened up! Not so long ago we couldn't even have dreamed of on-line classes. Now, we can take on-line classes on-line AND interact with each other, share what we're doing, ask questions, advise each other, and most of all inspire each other.

Bye for now!

Sunday, 7 September 2014

New on-line class available now!

Finally my new on-line class is good to go! Yay! I'm so excited to share this with you :-)

 Here's the blurb....

In Journal Soup 2 we will continue our messy, playful, mixed-media journey in loose-leaf art journaling, or as I like to say, journaling outside of the journal ☺ Come and join me on this colourful art journaling adventure.
As the title suggests there'll be a bit of everything ... painting CHECK! drawing CHECK! mono printing CHECK! how to draw faces CHECK! whimsical houses CHECK! how to make an owl CHECK! step-by-step printable worksheets CHECK! downloadable background and collage sheets CHECK! self-paced learning CHECK! Oooh, I'm so excited to share this with you :-)
You will sent a link to a PRIVATE group on Vimeo where you will find 8 videos of 6 pages covering 6 different techniques, because as the name suggests I like to flit around from one technique to another. Why stick to one when there’s so much to enjoy? 

Videos are suitable for beginners and experienced alike. All pages are filmed step-by-step with extra on-screen instruction. You will need some basic computer skills and a high speed internet connection.
After purchase you will receive an invite via e-mail (PLEASE NOTE THIS WILL BE TO THE E-MAIL LINKED TO YOUR ETSY ACCOUNT) to the private Vimeo group. Vimeo is free to join and register as a member. Click on the link to join the group, and there you will find all of the videos plus a forum for comments, or for asking any questions etc. Please allow up to 48 hours for the invite to arrive (although it will most often be sooner). Although the videos are not downloadable I am aiming to leave them on Vimeo for a minimum of three years (till Sept 2017) although hopefully indefinitely, so there is no pressure for you to rush and complete the class ... just self-pcaed learning.

Journal Soup 2 differs from Journal Soup 1 in that each page is a separate video so it should be a little easier to find your way round. It is also bigger and better, and comes with lots of extras. The videos run for approx. 10 mins to 30 mins, almost 3 hours in total in manageable chunks. You will also be sent a pdf with details of all the pages and materials required, 4 step-by-step instructional handouts (designed by me) to assist in your drawing of houses, faces and people (yes, you CAN draw!) Also included are 2 x digital downloads of backgrounds and 2 x texture photos for you to use in your collage. Everything should arrive automatically from Etsy and then you just need to wait for the link to Vimeo via your e-mail...

I'm having a little give-away on my facebook page so go check it out! 

All the details can also be found here. 

Look forward to seeing some of you in class :-)

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Yay! Published!

Well it's been a very good week indeed for happy mail :-) First of all this little beauty landed on my door mat. It's the much awaited Gelli Plate printing book by Joan Bess herself, and I'm TOTALLY honoured to have a couple of gelli art makes in the gallery. For my UK friends this book is currently available to pre-order on Amazon *here*

And it was accompanied by this gorgeous little tag from Joan ... something to treasure ...

And then, as if that wasn't enough, one of my favourites from Stampington arrived with a little article by moi!

Sometimes these article are written way in advance and I do forget when they are going to be published, so when it arrives it is genuinely a very nice surprise :-) In the UK the magazine is available *here*

Being published is a very great honour and not something that I take lightly, or for granted. It is something that I am extremely proud of and still can't quite actually believe.

And by the way, my son actually took the profile pic that I use when asked for a picture, so every time I am published I tell him that he has been published too!