Friday, 18 October 2019

Miniature Collage

You probably already know this, but I totally LOVE all small things, so when I received the *new* 'My Stamp' by Carabelle Studio I fell  a little bit in love with it :-)

I stamped it 12 times on white card and then stamped again but on various off-cuts from my Gel Press prints (I always use every scrap of printed card eventually!) I cut the centre rectangle to add to each stamp - it measures a very cute 3.5 x 4.5cm.

Look how small and cute!

Here they are as a work in progress:

It is a challenge to create a collage in an area so small, but layering of simple shapes in contrasting colours can look really effective.

Once I had finished them I couldn't decide what to do with them .... I may stick them on a burlap page in my Dina Wakley Journal (as above), or I may even stick them on an envelope as mail art ....

....or stick them on the front of a greetings card .... who knows? I'm undecided. I may even make a tiny concertina journal and stick one on each page. 

I think there is also a current trend in exchanging these, like ATCs. Who knew?!

Watch this space...!

Wednesday, 16 October 2019

The 'C' word

Is to too early? Hmmm, I usually have a reputation as a bit of a scrooge - you know, a decorations up on Christmas Eve and down on Boxing Day type .... But I got hold of some Grafix White Plastic (opaque) and I really really wanted to have a play. In a previous video for Gel Press I enjoyed making a wrap for a candle holder (see my video here) and wanted to make some more with a Christmas feel.

I took out my alcohol inks. I go through phases of using these, and when I haven't used them for a while I am always surprised and reminded of how beautiful colourful and vibrant they are! Such yummy colour :-)

I cut some simple triangular trees and then tried a hole punch. Yes, I discovered, you CAN punch through plastic.

Then I wondered if I could stamp over alcohol ink on the plastic. Yes, again.

Stamp: Round and Around by Carabelle Studio

If I'm going to like a substrate, and I mean really like it, it has to take my white pen. Yes, again :-)

And of course, I always want to stitch on things!

I had a bit of my inked plastic leftover. All the pools of alcohol ink were really giving me the 60s feels! 

 I cut more circle shapes and layered them. And now I can change my candle wrap for a different look.

Monday, 30 September 2019

Wanderlust Extra

The tutors of Wanderlust 2020 are offering mini-projects and fabulous little extra bonus projects which you get access to right away once you sing up (*here*). You can find a total of 11 bonus lessons so far and these are available and ready to download in the classroom right now! 

My little offering is this funky scribbly face project for your art journals. So fun!

What you waiting for?! Sign up *here* and I'll see you in the classroom!

Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Wonder at watercolour!

Here's another step along my journey into painting on plastic. Who knew you could use watercolour on plastic? Not me. Not until now that is. The DuraLar Wet Media film takes watercolours with ease yay! And you can create some really cool and colourful effects, allowing a bit of the transparency to remain.

Click above for the full video on You Tube.

Here's few pics of my finished cards:

All stamps by Carabelle Studio