Thursday, 2 April 2020

Art for Art's sake

Sometimes it is so good to just create for the sake of creating. No pressure. No rules. No deadlines.

All of my work commitments have been cancelled due to the current crisis, which is of course deeply upsetting, but also an opportunity to make art for the sake of making art.

I began a journal with an on-line class with the very inspiring Kasia Avery (Everything Art) last year and began working inside an old book cover on loose pages. In the last few days I have begun splashing a bit of paint around and enjoying the loose scribbly no-rules 'spill your guts' type of art journaling. It is soothing my nerves, calming me down, and keeping me well occupied in these very stressful times.

Funny how old quotes take on a new meaning ....

Not all pages are finished, I'm just letting them evolve. And I'm trying to remind myself that every page does not have to be pretty.

Just look at this quote I found. Apt huh?!

Monday, 30 March 2020

Sharp dressed Fish!

One week into lockdown and I've been way more productive than usual so I guess we all have to try and look on the bright side a bit.

Here's a tag using my 'Well Dressed Fish' for Carabelle Studio. My older teenage son is a little bit fish obsessed ... we started with one fish tank in the house and now we have three (Guess who'll be looking after these when he goes to uni???!) Anyway, I think he has influenced me!

The backgrounds were made on the Gel Press using Flower Field Art Printing plate.

If you want more daily chat and a bit of inspiration, come and join my group on Facebook - Create with Kate. There are some questions to join but don't let that put you off - it's not a quiz, it's just to keep the annoying spammers out.

Stay safe everyone!

Friday, 27 March 2020

We're all in this together.

I made a page for my small Dina Wakley Media journal using 'Lola' - designed by me for Carabelle Studio. The background was created when I made my latest video for Gel Press *here* using the new Dina Wakley Gloss Sprays.

I think you can probably guess what my page is about ...... 

I videoed this whole process and you can see it on my facebook group page here. If you're not in the group already come and join us here:

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Drawing .. for the soul.

I've been drawing quite a lot lately. Not for long stretches, and certainly not 'realistic' style  drawing. No, more messing about with whimsical shapes and colours. It is soothing and relaxing, and in these incredibly troubled times it is just what my soul needs.

Over on my facebook group, I am sharing a video of how I created this dreamcatcher, with a template in case you want to cheat ;-)

There is all sorts of lovely art ideas and inspiration so come and join my group! There are a few questions to join, but it's not a test - just trying to keep the annoying spammers out.

See you there!