Thursday, 14 February 2019

Distressable Impressable Mandala.

It's time for another Print-to-Project video for Gel Press, and this time I dug out one of my Impressable plates as I haven't used it for a while. I used it a bit differently to create a colourful, distressed 'negative' print of a mandala.

I hugely appreciate all of the video views and comments on you tube, so a big thanks to you all :-)

You can see part 1 of the video here, and part 2 will follow on Saturday, and all videos are free to view:

The focus on this video series is how to complete and finish your prints and actually turn them into something (ok, ok, I know you've got a box full of unfinished prints somewhere!!)

This is how my print begins .... pretty average looking I know!

But with a little bit of work it can be turned into something very different:

Bye for now, and don;'t forget you can see all of my videos in the right order, and in one simple place on my blog *here*

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Gotta love colour :-)

Lolly Dolly
Grungy Patterns
By me! For Carabelle Studio

A scribbly doodly page in my art journal using a lot of colour! Acrylic paints, Distress crayons, Posca poems, Stabilo pencil - you name it, it's here!

I added elements using deli paper. Love this stuff! Such a simple way to layer colour.

And I tried out my new background and texture stamps for Carabelle Studio (not quite in the shops yet but soon ..... )

Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Stepping it out ...

Today I thought I would share some more details about my latest range for Carabelle Studios with a few step by step photos of how I created my art journal page.

This page began as a mono-print on my beloved Gel Press using my latest Art Texture Printing Plate - 'Doodle leaf'. I deliberately created grungy layers by allowing the first layer to dry before adding more layers which gives a shabby chic kind of a look. (You can see my instructional videos for Gel Press *here* which includes lots of tips and hints for this kind of technique)

Although I LOVE colour, I'm not actually that keen on colouring in, so I always look for an easier alternative if I can! I stamped my angel onto my Gel Press background and then cut out the bits I wanted in pink and added it to my original stamped figure.

Background print - 'Doodle Leaf'

I'm very pleased to have some texture stamps this time as these are my go-to stamps for everything. First of all ... 'Grungy Patterns':

'Grungy Patterns'

And also 'Leafline' which is great for adding random pattern to a background :-)


'Grungy Patterns'

Later this week I'm going to Frankfurt to demo at Creative World EEEEEEK! Excited MUCH :-) I'll be with Gel Press and Carabelle Studio. If you're there too hope to see you!

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

New Carabelle goodies :-)

Ooh it's that time again! New releases ready for the trade show season. I won't be at Creativation in Phoenix this year but I will be at Paperworld in Frankfurt with Gel Press and Carabelle Studio and I can NOT wait!

I've got a few new designs with Carabelle Studio so here's a sneaky peek. Call back soon to see more pics and step-by-step photos ....

Monday, 14 January 2019