Tuesday, 19 October 2021

Keeping it simple...

'Little People' from my new collection at Carabelle Studio

You know me, I do like a lot of messy mixed media layers. But sometimes, just sometimes, I like to keep it clean and simple 😉


Saturday, 16 October 2021

Collage Love :-)

Little People by me!
Rainbow is my favourite colour by Birgit Koopsen

Loving a bit of collage :-) This large tag was created with 'Little People' from my latest collection for Carabelle Studio. She is saying 'bonjour' because she is french lol!
You can also spot the fabulous vine from Birgit Koopsen's new collection too. I am a little bit in love with this vince!

Thanks so much to you all for your love and enthusiasm for the new collection. I know it is now landing 

in the retail shops - you can check out links to retailers on my blog **here**


Monday, 11 October 2021

Plastic Fantastic!

A little while ago I got to play in a fabulous *new* journal by Grafix Arts which includes various different Duralar pages - some transparent, some not. It's sooo much fun playing with transparency in a journal :-) I made a step-by-step video and it has *just* been published so feel free to take a lookie! Lots of paint, stamping, doodling and alcohol inks!

The Step'by-Step video can be found on you tube *HERE*

(P.S. Hoping that this journal will be available for purchase soon... watch this space. UPDATE: This journal is available in the UK *here* at Art from the Heart)


Sunday, 10 October 2021


Sometimes I have to remind myself that not everything has to be complicated and multi-layered. I made these quick and simple tags on lovely Kraft tags using my *new* collection, coloured in my loose style with watercolours.

A bit of white pen doodling and a bit of stamping help to ground the image to the tag.

Little People by me!

Mechanicals by me!

And this little fairy house is over a background of washi tape stripes. Simple and FAST!

Fairy Town by me!

Don't forget, you can find extra ideas and links to stockists by clicking on the Carabelle tab at the top of my blog :-)


Friday, 1 October 2021

New Carabelle Release!

It's October and that means it's time for a new Carabelle Studio release :-)  Mine arrived only a short while ago but it's always, always exciting to get new rubber in the post, and I've had a busy busy time playing and making samples.

** Carabelle Studio have had a website update and it is now available in English**

**I try and keep a list of UK and International stockists on my blog here - please let me know of any others!**

I nearly always begin with a printing and colouring session so I have lots to play with to make my new samples.

I have been experimenting with a much looser, relaxed colouring style and so far I love it. And it's quick too! 

Stencil by Soraya ( see product photo below)

Fairy Town by me! for Carabelle Studio

You already know I love houses, right?! So I drew a few more but this time with wings and propellors! You can put them together to make a small village like I did here on a journal page:

But if you like more clean and simple, how about this New Home card?

Little People by me! for Carabelle Studio

I have been drawing and doodling crazy little people and whimsical characters FOR EVER. I have sketchbooks full of them lol! So I picked out a few to create this set and I have LOVED playing with them this week :-)

I added monochrome shading to this one as a contrast to my colourful printed background (using a stencil by Soraya). I LOVE this effect and will defo do it more.

(I added one of my most hated phrases to this page, just out of sheer grumpiness. BTW, this never EVER makes me feel better when anyone says this).

And then to create this journal page, I added the mermaid to a gel print using two lovely stencils by Azoline. The fish are from one of my previous sets - Keep Swimming. 

Hare we go! by me! for Carabelle Studio

Who doesn't love a hare?! Especially with overgrown ears. 

Who gave them those ridiculous ears??!
Do you think they will ever grow into those ears?!

I think they work really well as a clean and simple card:

But great for a mixed media tag too:

Mechanicals by me! for Carabelle Studio

More funny little people! (I told you I have sketchbooks full!) This time I added propellors, keys and wheels. Just because ;-)

The quote and vine are from one of Birgit's new stamp sets (see product photo below).

And finally, this is a work in progress. A mini hand bound journal, neatly stashed away in a little bag - a die cut by Sizzix. I have used a variety of new stamps in this journal and had a lot of fun in the process. I have also used fabulous new stamps by Birgit Koopsen, and stencils by Azoline, and Soraya (all for Carabelle Studio).

As ever, thanks so much for all of your support. Hope you enjoy this new collection as much as I enjoy creating it :-)