Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Gel Press Printed Patchwork!

It's that time again! Yes, time for another 'Print-to-Project' video for Gel Press, and this time I'm using my Art Printing Texture Plates by Carabelle Studio in quite a different way to create multi-coloured layered backgrounds without the mud. Yes, NO MUD!

Here's a few of my prints ..... 

And in the second video which will follow in a few days, I stick and patchwork my prints to create a background for these adorable little fishies, which I stuck onto a burlap page in my Dina Wakley journal.

Clown Poisson by Alexis for Carabelle Studio
'seaweed' from Crayoned Elements by me! for Carabelle Studio 

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

A journal full of colour!

Oooh this little journal is a combination of all my favourite things! I used the Wrap Journal Die by Eileen Hull for Sizzix and filled it full of colourful prints I made on the Gel Press, using mostly the Art Printing plates by Carabelle Studio for pattern.

I decorated it using stamps from my new range for Carabelle Studio. I'm really loving these little flowers - they are so easy to stamp and cut out and make a great and easy little addition to a page :-) 

My inner pages are a crazy, slightly chaotic mix of folds and sizes. But that's how I like it! It means I can cram a lot of pages into a small journal.

I'll be teaching this as a class at the Craftrange, Burnley (and for this of you who may be wondering - probably also at Art from the Heart at a later date) It's already quite full but there may be one or two places left .... 

Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Playful Plaid - Part 1

It's the Gel Press print-to-project time again! So I'm back with another two-part video, this time making playful plaids, or checks. Such a fun way to layer colour and the best part about it is, you only need scraps of card to create the masks for this technique :-)

Don't forget to join me on Saturday for part 2!

Thursday, 25 April 2019

Playing with new goodies!

Yesterday was the first chance I have had to play with my new goodies from Carabelle Studio :-) I can't begin to tell you how exciting and fabulous it is to see your designs transformed into *real* items to play with!

I began with 'Over the Rainbow' on my Gel Press because I love printing and I also love how fast you can make backgrounds this way. 

I enhanced the background with pencils and distress crayons to pick out some detail:

And then I added some of my 'Crayoned Elements'.

Of course, once the gel plate was out I couldn't resist trying my other new Art Printing designs .... !

So far these are a work in progress, but I am very pleased and happy with how clearly these print.

And I got some great mop-up prints too!

Bye for now ... I'm off to play a bit more .... If you need me, you'll find me in my little studio making a happy mess ;-)