Thursday, 23 March 2023

Reminder - live class coming up soon!


Just popping in with a quick reminder that I have a LIVE class coming up on Facebook THIS Sunday (26th) at 3PM BST. Please check your local time, and UK peeps - please remember the clocks go forward!

You can see all the details *here* - and on a previous blog post *here* hope you can join me :-)

Monday, 20 March 2023

*FREE* tutorial video - Grafix Shrink Film

A little (**FREE**) video for you over on you tube ... showcasing Grafix Shrink Film - Oh I love a bit of shrink plastic!
Three little projects step by step ... featuring Carabelle Studio

Hamsa by Carabelle Studio
Mix and Match Minis by Carabelle Studio 

Swatch it up! by Carabelle Studio

Tuesday, 7 March 2023



I know, I know, I haven't done one for a while. I got a little out of the loop. But here we are, I'm back with a messy, colourful, playful class :-)

Sunday 26th March 3PM BST
Yes, the recording of the class will be available after the event for re-watch or catch up. 
Also, please check your local time.

Here's a bit more info:

A fun approach to art journaling, it's all about letting go!


It's so hard to let go, we have years behind us of being told to 'be neat' 'write on the line' 'colour inside the lines'. But once you let go and just play it is sooo worth it :-)

I will be using anything and everything that happens to be in front of me on my desk, and you can do the same! I will be using a selection of the following, but you can just use what you have:

Stamp set: Swatch it Up by Carabelle Studio
A selection of stencils including Mix and Match minis by Carabelle Studio 
Acrylic paints
Black ink pad
Ledger paper or old text
Scribble sticks, or anything to add colour
Black ink (I'm using Carbon Black permanent fountain pen ink)
Washi tape
Scrapbook paper 
White pen (posca)
Scrap of DuraLar wet media (Grafix Arts) to create a colour overlay
A selection of paint brushes


Thanks as always for your support :-)

Thursday, 2 March 2023


Well, it's been quite a while since I had anything published so super-happy to be in the Designer Spotlight section of Creative Stamping magazine (UK). Happy me! :-)

Featuring three step-by-step card designs using my designs for Carabelle Studio. In the shops now! 
Also available **here**


Friday, 24 February 2023

Art Journal a go-go!

Swatch it up
Mix and match mini stencils
by me!

Do you know, I haven't done any 'real' art journaling for ages. By real, I mean when you just lose yourself in the process and forget about making a pretty and perfect page, but just go with the flow without worrying about the outcome. So why haven't I been journaling? I honestly think it's just called January and Februaryitis.

But yesterday a couple of things happened. I popped into town and called into a charity shop where a lovely friend works, and spotted a slightly tatty hard back book which just said JUNK JOURNAL to me. And also the sun was shining and it was feeling very spring like (short lived - it's raining today!) Anyway, I went home and took the inside pages out, which will be used along the way, and just started to play with anything and everything that was lying around my desk.

Do you know what it reminds me of? It reminds me of when I used to scribble and doodle all over my school books haha! What was it Picasso said about painting like a child?! haha

On this first page which is the inside back cover, there are bits of text, scrapbook paper, washi tape, a bit of inky Dura Lar (Grafix Arts), I sponged paint through the *new* mix and match mini stencils, and then painted some flowers and words with ink.

I also stamped the new Swatch it up stamp set on a scrap of card and added colour by scribbling with my Scribble Sticks:

And here's the inside front cover:

The time I stamped the Swatch it Up circles directly on the page ....

Added some water colour, and then painted around them with Acrylics:

I added a couple of mixed signatures using card, kraft, ledger pages, and just tied them in with sari ribbon. This is a trick I picked up from Kasia Avery, the wonderful host of Wanderlust. No stitching or binding, just loose leaf pages that you can pull out to work on. Easy and accessible. Love it!