Tuesday 14 May 2024


Oooh I’ve gone a bit purple on my journal page today! Unusual for me 💜 

I’ve included pics of my background - made using my new stencil Paper Artsy PS428 - and also including the same stencil on Duralar Wet Media (love that for layering!)

The doll image is from my recent release and I coloured her with Paper Artsy Mattints.

Here's my splashy, inky background:

And here's the DuraLar WET MEDIA layer:

And a few more layers .......

Have a look at this page on my blog for all things Paper Artsy including links to stockists :-)


Friday 26 April 2024

Collection 1!

Ooooh collection 1 was quite a biggie! I am slowly adding photos, samples and lots of info on this page on my blog *here* so keep an eye out for updates.

Thank you all so much for your positivity and amazing enthusiasm :-)


Thursday 25 April 2024

Paper Artsy news...


Woohoo! So, my new designs launched on 23rd April 2024 :-) 5 large stamps sets, 5 stencils, 8 mini stamps, so lots to keep you busy! Dolls, fish, houses, bunnies .... and marks, lots of marks! I have started a new page on the blog *here* where I will be adding lots more ideas and samples and info, so do keep an eye out.

Don't forget you can still see the LIVE on the Paper Artsy People group on FB, and also check out my group Create with Kate on FB, because already people are sharing some fabulous and very creative ideas with the new stamps. Just a few simple questions to join the group - purely to keep the spammers and the bots out. Thank you all soooo much for your enthusiasm.

Also, you can see my full and VERY LONG blog post for Paper Artsy with lots of detail and photos of all of the new stuff! Just have a look *here*, and keep watching the blog because PA bloggers are sharing lots of gorgoeus samples too.

Back soon!

Tuesday 23 April 2024


I'm so excited to be sharing this news with you. After the sudden and unexpected closure of Carabelle Studio at the end of 2023, I am very happy to be able to continue designing and share my crazy quirky designs with you all, with the fabulous Paper Artsy! Yay!! And thanks so much to the Paper Artsy team for the very warm welcome.

I have been playing with mixed media for many years now, but I can tell you that Paper Artsy stamps were the very first stamps I ever purchased. Yep, from the Ink and the Dog range. And I am very happy to now be working alongside such a creative and talented team :-)

I'll be going LIVE on Paper Artsy People (open) group on FB tonight at 7.30 (UK BST) 8.30 Paris time, sharing my new designs. After that they will be available for purchase from retailers. You can find a link of international *stockists* on the Paper Artsy *blog here*. You can also check out my full blog post with lots of photos and explanation after the live. 

I've got a lot to share, so hope you will join me for the live!


Wednesday 17 April 2024

Exciting news!

You may have noticed I have been a little quiet lately, but I have in fact been a very busy bee behind the scenes. Here is a little sneak peek of what I have been up to ... watch this space! 

More news coming NEXT week but in the meantime I will be sharing more little snippets ;-)

Oh, but if you're coming to the shop at Port Sunlight this coming Saturday all will be revealed,  and you can find me with Stampers Grove :-)

Woooohooooooooooooo! :-)