Tuesday, 10 December 2019

It's Chriiiistmaaaaaas!

by Carabelle Studio

Well, here is my not-very-Christmas Christmas card! I'm not actually a big fan of Christmas, and although that makes me sound like a bit of a scrooge, what I really mean is I like Christmas at Christmas but not when it starts in September .....

Anyway, I was playing around with alcohol inks on my Gel Press, which is actually a HUGE amount of fun (see my video here), and this was one of the leftover pieces.

The orange along the lower edge was from another Gel Press print and I just mopped it up with the edge of my original one. Thats when I started to really like the print. Love a bit of serendipity.

See the orange circle pieces on the sides? They are from my Round and Around set. Now I'm not going to lie ... I stamped these for a different project but didn't like it so threw them in the bin, but then I fished them out of the bin to go on this card, oh yes I did. 

I don't often fish around in the bin for a an embellishment .... er, ok, actually I do ;-)

And then I stamped a few orange stars to match. Ta-da!

Monday, 9 December 2019

A few more teeny tinies ....

If you've seen my previous post you will know that I *almost* made it thought the Carabelle AT stamps challenge, but in act I only completed 27/30 days. Which was fine UNTIL I went to add them to my little concertina album and found that I absolutely could NOT live with the three empty spaces LOL! But lucky for me I just so happened so get my mitts on the new Carabelle Edge stamps made to fit perfectly inside the the 'My Stamp'.

Ooh these are cute and I love them! I have also stamped a little extra on the backgrounds and added some doodling, so although these are 'ready-made' designs you can still add your own touches (if you're like me and can NOT leave anything alone ha!)

Available from Carabelle Studio
In the UK available from Art from the Heart

 And finally, for the third space I had to fill I used an off-cut of a Gel Press print on Grafix DuraLar Matte film. The colours stay really bright on DuraLar and it's really lightweight so great for cutting out and mounting on the stamp.

So, what to do with 30 little miniatures? Put them in a little concertina journal of course! I thought about adding them to my regular journal but then I thought they looked really cute together a little book :-)

Monday, 2 December 2019

Made it ....almost!

Well, I ALMOST made to thought the fabulous challenge of 30 days of At stamps by Carabelle Studio. I got a little bit behind towards the end and missed three .... grrrrr! The lack of symmetry is going to really annoy me so I may have to catch up.

It was such a fun challenge as I LOVE anything teeny tiny :-) I have so many scraps of Gel Press prints to use as obviously I can't ever throw anything away no matter how small, so they came in super-handy for quick backgrounds.

Thanks to Carabelle for organising such a fun challenge especially to Ana Bondu for co-ordinating it all, and of course to all who joined in the challenge.


Monday, 25 November 2019

Another Stamp catch-up...

Zoziaux Rigolos by Azoline

I got behind with the challenge. Again! But here I am catching up .... First of all with Birds. I love this cute little bird design by Azoline!

Happy Halloween by Alexis

This challenge was skulls, but I chose to use a skeleton instead!

And finally Circles. Well, I love a good circle!

Round and Around by me!

 The collection is growing, and it makes me so happy to see this cuteness all together!

Thursday, 21 November 2019

More Stamp stamps!

Sunflower Doodles by me!
Lignes Graphiques Art Printing by Azoline

Day 21 - Flowers. I had a bit of a print to use where I used the beautifully detailed Lignes Graphiques by Azoline with some alcohol ink on the Gel press. You can pick up some wonderful detail with alcohol ink when printing. These stamps may look big on my blog but the whole thing measures just 4.5 x 6 cm - look at the detail in my background!

Système Solaire by Alexis

Day 20 was Space, and I just so happened to have a very suitable stamp by Alexis for this one. I stamped and coloured with Distress Ink.

Only 9 days to go ...!

If you're still desperately searching for the Stamp stamp (in the UK), it has been re-ordered at Art from the Heart (for the third time!) and is due back in stock tomorrow. It is available to pre-order *here*