Thursday, 16 July 2020

#passthebrushart #passthebrush

I am absolutely delighted to be partnered up with my long-time on-line art buddy Ophelia Staton for an amazing and powerful event over on Instagram called #passthebrush #passthebrushart.

Ophelia has a similar love of colour, art journaling and she creates the most amazing colourful, expressive, abstract art. She works as a high school art teacher, she demos for Jerry's Artorama, and is a brand ambassador for Derwent. She balances all of this with a busy family life, she's definitely a busy, busy bee! We have been on-line friends for a long, long time, and it felt really good to get in contact in this way. 

Pass the Brush is the art version of Pass the Mic, and has been organised by the fantastic Dina Wakley and Rachel Juanita-Clarke Bellamy, and hosted by Tim Holtz. There is a staggering line-up of artists involved :-)

Ophelia and I are divided by the big pond and live in different continents, so we arranged an art journal playdate via Zoom, where we filmed ourselves making art and having a chat about art, life, friendship, race, inequality and above all, AUTHENTICITY.

You can watch out chat here, and see the art we make.

I hope you will be able to join in over on Instagram - there is a lot happening, lives, interviews, challenges, and fab give-aways. Please do support us in this :-)

Here are some peeks into the art we made during our Zoom .... It actually felt surprisingly like a really natural way to make art!


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to you both just chatting away sharing your art journeys. I too was a teacher and "life" plus bureaucracy just got in the way of craft. Thankfully craft won. Thank you to you and Ophelia for a fabulous 40 minute & I crafted along with you - different colours though as mainly blues & greens. Lou

  2. Beautiful art created by you both. What a lovely way to connect and play along together.

  3. I enjoyed this so much. Thank you Kate and Ophelia. I watched it while I was having my morning coffee and it felt like I was having a chat with 2 of my friends. No, I didn't talk to myself while I was watching it but, well, okay, I did a little. Not enough to be considered crazy, just enough to let you know I was completely in sync with your message and with your art. Thank you again.

  4. What an inspiration! A must enjoyable watch! Great to see how you both created these fabulous pages! Chrisx


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