Sunday, 24 March 2019

Gel press printed stickers part 2!

And here it is .... part 2 of my Gel Press 'Print to Project' video, on making your own bright and funky stickers using your gel prints. Because stickers make me happpppyyyyyyy!

See part 1 *here*

And don't forget you can see all of my Gel Press videos *here*.

Thanks for watching :-)


  1. Really enjoyed these two videos. I have another texture plate and paints on order from AFTH and I will be off to play. :)

  2. OOhh this is just Amazing, love the colours, the forms, and the way you have done it!
    Very happy afternoon,
    Big hugs, Caty

  3. I print all the pages on Label paper. It is easy and I always have some ready to be cut into shapes Like your ideas on your pages and would lime to see hoe to do your the photo stickers

    1. Hi Monica, to make the photo stickers I print my photos small in black and white on paper (I use the free download Picasa) and then trim them and run them through the Xyron in the same way.


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