Monday, 25 March 2019

Messy Mandalas.

Stamps: Textures Printing by Birgit Koopsen for Carabelle Studio

In the past I have painted neat and structured mandalas in my journal but sometimes I don't want to be neat! Sometimes I want to paint loosely and freely and be a bit messy.

These mandalas were created in my square black Dylusions journal. The loose circle shape created was perfect for journaling around and around.

And this one is *slightly* more structured and includes a quote which really struck a chord with me. 'Self care is not selfish'. I really need to take note of my own words ;-)


  1. Beautiful, swirly colors, Kate. You're right - that's an excellent quote!!

  2. I love those! The quote is so True!

  3. Ohhh what delightful mandalas, they are so pretty and as always you choose such lovely colour combinations. My favorite is the last one because of the great quote, beautiful colours and and adorable butterflies TFS

  4. I love the loose, easy feelin' of these mandalas ! Never thought of just relaxing and letting go when making these. Thank you for the inspiration !


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