Thursday, 4 June 2015

Messy journal play. And other stuff.

Sometimes, just sometimes, it feels good to just really let go and play. And I mean really let go.

At the moment I am creating with very limited supplies as most of my art materials are on their way to The Artistic Stamper (Kent, UK) ahead of my workshops there this weekend. I think it actually did me good as I couldn't just reach for my usuals....

I don't even know if this is finished. It might be, or it might not be. Time will tell. But one thing I do know, it that was a lot of fun to do!

Last week we had the school half term so we were all home for the week. I do love half terms! I love losing the relentless routine for a few days (although by the end of the week I'm usually craving routine again LOL!). We decided to stay local-ish and just enjoy some days out in our glorious Yorkshire countryside, or God's Own Country, as it's known!

The yarn bombers (or guerrilla knitters) are back at Saltburn. Yay!

And finally, as it's summer here now in the UK (well, sort of!) I dug out the sewing machine and made some bunting for the garden.

Byee for now!


  1. Love the journal page! So colorful!!

  2. Your pictures of Yorkshire are beautiful especially the boat sailing along the wonderful green lined banks. Love your page, might just have a play at throwing something at a canvas one day, and i do mean literally throwing, it might be therapeutic lol :-) xxx

  3. The post is so FUN!
    NICE work...LOVE all the brights = )

  4. Your journal page is gorgeous! You are very talented. Your photos are beautiful. :)

  5. I think your letting go created a fabulous piece. The colors are the best! And love your photos. Those guerrilla knitters sure made a fun soft statue to cover that railing.

  6. Fabulous background as always kate-master of colours!!! Pics look great too !
    x catheirne

  7. I can tell you had fun playing simply by looking at the page! I wish we had the yarn bombers here where I live. I did see some in Chicago.


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