Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Messy mark making

It has taken me a while to get round to blogging these messy mark making pages ... June just seemed to get super-busy all of a sudden. I don't like it when life and work get so busy, but sometimes you just have to go with the flow ....

A while ago I taught my lovely regular art journaling class at Art from the Heart (Harrogate UK). I want to be really careful that we don't just fall into a rut with this class, it would be so easy to do! I want us to keep pushing on and learning new skills, try new things ... even if we don't always like them LOL! 

When you want to break out of a rut you can't beat a bit of mark making. It is just SUCH fun to do. I really seriously got engrossed in these pages. I worked on loose leaf card and then decided that I loved these so much I wanted these in my journal so I just stuck them in.

I like how these pages look side by side:

I have not time at all to just 'play' recently but hopefully things will quieten down a bit because I have got new goodies to try! Ooooh look at this lovely lot! I can feel a bit more experimental mark making coming on ...!

Byee for now!


  1. Thanks for sharing these! They are great....LOVE the colors!

  2. Love the messy mark making Kate, they give a great dimension to your pages.

  3. They do look fun to make! They also look great in your art journal.


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