Friday, 28 November 2014


Very excited indeed to be published in the very fine 'Somerset Studio Gallery' by Stampington :-) I absolutely adore all of the Stampington magazines so to be published by them is a very great honour indeed.
The magazine is full of gorgeous loveliness, and in the UK Stampington magazines are available at Art from the Heart, and The Stamp Attic (as well as a few other places I think).

Available now - Issue 14 volume 1

I am also very honoured to be the guest artist over at Lulu Arts blog today. Lulu Arts is an Australian mixed media store. You can see the interview here:

For the rest of today I will most be recovering ..... from what? Well, many of you will know I am a part-time school teacher, and this week I agreed to do some extra days to cover for a colleague who came down with the lurgy. Only to find out that OFSTED (school inspectors) were coming into school. Arggghhhh. Stress levels rise tenfold when this happens, and agreeing to do extra days at school while this was happening was probably one of the most unfortunate decisions I have ever made!! But we all survived, and today I have a day off and its time to chiiiiiill .......


  1. Fabulous news and well deserved feature kate. Enjoy your well earned rest
    x catherine

  2. Wonderful interview ! Can't wait to get a copy

  3. congratulations, Kate, very well deserved! Glad you survived school!

  4. Congrats Kate! Celebrate with wine! After all it is the weekend!

  5. Congratulations. It must be so exciting to see your work in print. Inspections are so stressful I'm always pleased when we get through another.

  6. OFSTED inspections are always stressful i used to dread them too, most of the inspectors were lovely but you did get the occasional one who shall i say 'took delight in our uneasiness'! At least it's over and you get to chill and you did a very good deed by covering for your colleague, all's good...

    HUGE CONGRATS on being featured in Stampington, an honour indeed.

    Enjoy your Sunday:-) xxx

  7. Just popping by from a link elsewhere. LOVE your art journal pages and how you show progression to finished pages. Stunning works. Congratulations on your Sommerset publications. Keep smiling and creating. Well done indeed!!

  8. I adore the Somerset series of magazine, I will be sure to check this one out (just wish they were easier to source at times!).



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