Sunday, 13 April 2014

Colour, and more colour.

What is it about colour wheels? I am so drawn to them, I just love them. I even have a pinterest board dedicated to them (I know, I know, just call me a nerd), you check it out here.

I made myself a tiny picture (frame from a well-known Swedish furniture store!) to go in my tiny art studio. As I started to paint this, it was supposed to be for something else .... but then I got my hands in the paint and things took a different turn ... as they do. Got to follow your instincts.

Bye for now :-)


  1. Love colour wheels, great to go in a frame. Must check out your Pinterest page:-) x

  2. You certainly do live your life in colour Kate !! how vibrant !

  3. Not sure of where my comments are going so I shall try again :)
    I absolutely love this piece. Very vibrant, and colorful. Just love what you have created.

  4. This is a sweet little piece of art- it looks wonderful in that black frame.

  5. I love them too! I love this one in that little black frame!


  6. Kate, I stumbled on your blog, and I love the feel, and I love the color wheel picture! I paint in watercolors, and Pastels, and my studio is tucked in the corner of a small bedroom...But I get great light! I blog about my travels, and would love it if you dropped by. I'm going to follow you, and spend some time looking thru your blog.


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