Tuesday, 25 June 2013

What a weekend!

de Craftorij mini retreat, Holland 2013

Wow! What a weekend! I have just returned from an amazing and fun-filled weekend teaching at a craft retreat at the wonderful de Craftorij in Ede, Holland. I had a class of 44 (43 Dutch and 1 Belgian!) and just look at what they created in the course of a hectic, messy, painty, colourful day. 
I am soooo proud of this photo :-)

The weekend started with setting up the shop:

And then on Saturday the action kicked off, and Hetty arrived with a a bag full of moustaches on sticks. 

Well, it would be rude not to wouldn't it?

With Hetty (who must be held accountable for all further moustache photos).

And here we are getting started on our painty adventures for the day:

The lovely Lia (The Boss) had cake!!

Just looking over Anne Marie's shoulder here at her wonderfully colourful page.
We first 'met' at 21 Secrets and it was fab to meet up in real life!

Yay! I love to get everyone drawing!!

We even squeezed in a little stamp carving. 
If you look closely you may see Linda's wonderful hand-carved house stamps.

These pages-in-progress look amazing.

Er ... does it look like I'm having fun?!

Miranda and Nancy

Ha ha ha! Linda, Soraya and Audrey demonstrating that a 
lady should never be seen out in public with a naked upper lip.

It's all Hetty's fault ....!

Thanks to Lia for organising the event and for looking after us so well :-)

Big thanks to Joan. Organiser extraordinaire.....

Joan made this postcard to give out .. OMG! I'm so proud of this I'm going to frame mine!

Thank you Lia and Joan x

Big thanks also to Marleen (and Miranda) for helping on the day :-)

And time to r-e-l-a-x ......

But who's this??! Oh yes, on Saturday evening, the entertainment arrived ;-)

Time for a little drinky ..... 

Well,  I eventually returned home after a cancelled flight, a long delay at the airport, and being flown back to a different airport (car was at the original airport of course!! Grrrrrr!), tired but very happy. I haven't taught such a large class before ( er ... I didn't admit that before the event of course LOL!) and I am immensely proud of what this wonderful group achieved and eternally grateful for their warmth and friendliness, and overwhelming enthusiasm for mixed-media art. 

Until the next time! Bring it on!

With Margo :-)

Please note: some of the above photos were stolen borrowed from the students' blogs ;-)


  1. thx for a fab workshop Kate, I had the time of my life, it was one perfect weekend enjoyed every minute of it
    big hugs

  2. Excellent! Looks like such a fun weekend Kate! Glad you had a good time. Such a shame about the flights home, but at least you got home in one piece in the end. xo

  3. Looks like a lot of fun. Wish I was there too :-\ maybe next time :-) xoxo

  4. Kate, it was indeed FABULOUS!! Thank you for sharing your expertise, techniques, knowledge, creativity and passion with us! Can't wait until next time (and until then, I pledge to practice, practice, and practice some more!). Now off to buy more white paint (you can fix anything with white)... perhaps it will work on the kids, too?? ;-) Thanks again, it was a BLAST! So honored to have met you. What an inspiring weekend!

  5. Aww some fabulous photos and some really happy happy smiley peeps! Well done mate looks like you rocked it! Spk soon xxxx

  6. Hi Kate, thanks so much for all your kind words. Believe me, the pleasure (and that it was!!!) was al mine. Loved to have you here and I am already looking forward to the next visit :-) (talk to you know who and let me know! ;-) Big hug! X Lia

  7. looks great, you had fun i see.

  8. Thank you Kate for teaching us so patiently :) It was a fabulous weekend and I hope to see you again!! I got new inspiration!!!
    Margo xxxx

  9. HUGSSSS <3 U Girl!! We had a great time. Till the next time ;)

  10. It must be great! We see that you have fun!

  11. It looks like a fantastic weekend Kate congratulations, it can't have been easy with 43 Dutch ladies and 1 Belgian I assume you speak Flemish as well LOL. The size of the class reminds me of teaching in Primary schooL! Thanks for sharing Kate. xx

  12. This looks fun!!! Hugs Juls

  13. Oh my that looks like you all had an awesome fun time!

  14. Looks like you all had a fab time Kate !! Big class too !!

  15. I'm so jealous!!! It looks like everyone had a wonderful time & I love the pages they created.

  16. It was a great weekend Kate. Thanks for coming all the way to the Netherlands.

  17. Hmm not sure how to take being described as "the entertainment"..!!

  18. OM Goodness Kate, what a fabulous weekend, and the work the ladies have done looks stunning, cannot wait to craft with you.....Guess What.....I have booked the taster with you on July 6th at 3, so CANNOT WAIT NOW!! So excited and so looking forward to seeing you and doing a class with you....

  19. It sounded like a right nightmare getting home. But you did look really happy in your photo. Everyone looks like they had a ball. I'm sure you all did. Well done for teaching such a large class too, you were born to do it. Michelle xx


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