Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Happy Christmas!

Just a quick blog post to say 'Happy Christmas everybody!' Hope you all have a wonderful, wonderful time :-)

Now, if you've got a bit of free time on your hands over this festive season you might like to check this out - a free download of one of my articles for Somerset Studio by Stampington, called 'Journal your year' (very timely me thinks!) OOh, we all like something for free!!

Check it out *here*

Byeeeee, enjoy the rest of your Christmas!


  1. Happy Christmas Kate, lovely article too !

  2. How great to have your article as a guide. Thank you! I'm actually going to give this journaling a try. Not being as artistic as you are, I will need to find a decorative journaling plan that will work for me personally, but with your ideas as inspiration I'm pretty excited to at least give this a try for 2013. Merry Christmas!

  3. Great freebie! I received a new journal for Christmas, especially to do this. Gesso and backround planned for today! Thanks for sharing Kate

  4. Wow GREAT!!!!!!!!
    I love this download..... today i will begin on my january part!
    Kind regrads Patricia.


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