Monday, 27 August 2012

I'm baaaack!!

I've had a lovely two weeks away on family hols in the south-west of England, but guess what? I had NO INTERNET ACCESS. Yikes! I had to go cold turkey! It's amazing how much we rely on the internet these days and I missed being able to follow blogs and facebook. I now feel very out of touch indeed.
However, we had a fab time and the weather was mixed, which pretty good for England this summer! I hardly took any art stuff with me because with Mr C, me, two kids, my Mum and the dog in the car there wasn't much room, but I did manage to sneak my smash book in and keep a record of all the things we got up to:

One day on holiday, I was stood outside a shop, with the dog, patiently waiting for my kids to spend their pocket money, when I heard some-one shout my name. It was Squiblet! - a fellow calendar challenger and arty blogger. Wow, it always amazing to bump into someone hundreds of miles from home, especially when it is someone you only know in blogland, in fact I was so stunned I forgot to take a photo. Doh! It was lovely to meet you Squiblet!

I took my analogue camera along with me and the photos turned out looking like something from the 1970s, which is funny, because a lot of places in Cornwall haven't really changed since the 1970s (and I mean that as a GOOD thing).

Trevaunance Cove:

Wet suits drying on railings by the beach:

One of my arty-farty double exposures:

We went to Fowey for the day, but I think some yarn-bombers got there before us (spot the knitted railing covers!):

So we returned home to loads and loads of unpacking and sandy washing and not a thing to eat in the house. *sigh*. The bad thing about going on holiday is coming home :-(

But I had a very funny surprise when I opened the mail .... Look what my lovely and very funny friend Marjie sent me all the way from USA! Ha ha! It's a moustache mood ring! This cheered me up no end and I shall wear it with pride :-))

Only one week left of the school holidays and then the kiddos will be back off to school. Only then might I actually get my art journal back out again. I have missed it, but sometimes there are other priorities in life................

Thanks for all your lovely blog comments while I was away. The response to my last Stampotique challenge entry really made me laugh and opinion seems to be divided as to whether I actually managed to pull off a one layer challenge. (In my heart of hearts I know I failed but thanks for your support anyway LOL!!)

Hope to catch up with some blog-hopping soon. Byee for now........


  1. welcome back, looks like you had an excellent time,like the retro feel of the photos and am in awe of the mood ring.EE

  2. Sounds like you had a real nice vacation. You were smart to bring a Smash book with you. I wish i had done that when i went on vacation. PS love the mustache...

  3. Hiya Kate.
    Thank you for taking the time to Email me.
    It was great fun following your DVD, cannot wait to get your next installment!
    Your photo's are brilliant, doesn't your youngest child look like you? The double.
    Hate coming home and having all the jobs to do, but hopefully it won't take you too long to get in the land of blogging again, looking forward to seeing your newt post, Oh and I think you did pull the Single Layer off, I have entered too.

  4. How could you NOT bring some sort of paper and pens with you on holidays, ha! Love the smash pages! The photos look fabulous, I adore that 'seventies-look'... how wonderful to bump onto a blogfriend! Life is amazing isn't it? Welcome back, hope the laundry is done by now...

  5. Hi Kate, it was lovely to meet you too! I thought the same thing about the camera not long after I saw you.
    Glad you had a lovely holiday, I ordered your DVDs on my phone while I was away so they were here when I got back!! They're brilliant, so inspiring.
    Libby x

  6. Welcome back Kate!!! Looks like you had a most wonderful holiday, and your smash book pages are fantastic!!! I recently returned from an extended vacation and actually CHOSE not to take any art. I also only went on the laptop rarely - it was a really good break-and I survived it to boot! :)

  7. Welcome back! Sounds like you had a wonderful time with your family - and the Smash book was a great idea to document things. We'll be waiting patiently for the art journal to come out again - first things first... :)

  8. Welcome back, so glad you enjoyed it down in the south west....pasties and clotted cream all the way I hope ;)

    Love the mood ring by the way.

  9. Welcome back Kate... sounds like a fabulous holiday... love all the pics... and seeing your smash book... I am just beginning my very first one... they look like so much fun... your ring is gorgeous...

    Jenny x

  10. Welcome back Kate! Got DVDs 3 and 4 for my birthday! Yummy!

  11. Wonderful pics and how fun to meet a blogger while on the road... that's what happens to rock stars, ya know. I had a giggle seeing the ring on your hand. So glad it got there and made you smile. May your mood be bright!

  12. Marjie what a thoughtful little present, it's gorgeous Kate. You'll have to tell us what colour it is when you blog, or on twitter. Brilliant that you bumped into someone from blogland, how cool is that! Your smash journal is brilliant, its going to be so cool to read it back in a few years time. Michelle x

  13. Welcome back matey!! Missed you lots and lots!! Love your smash journal, I'm still on NYC!! No surprise there then lol I will get round to adding lots of our adventures........maybe at the end of the year!! Hee hee ooo I got a fab ring too from the lovey marjie! Have to wrestle milly for it as she has taken a shine to it!!

    Kaz x

  14. Hi Kate, It looks you had a lovely holiday. Love all the photos and especially the one of your rather attractive children. I happened to notice that in your smash book your date stamp is the American verison. What's up with that. I wanted and now have the European version, thanks to you and you go and use the American one??????? Love your smash book by the way. Diane M

  15. Hi Kate, It looks you had a lovely holiday. Love all the photos and especially the one of your rather attractive children. I happened to notice that in your smash book your date stamp is the American verison. What's up with that. I wanted and now have the European version, thanks to you and you go and use the American one??????? Love your smash book by the way. Diane M

  16. Hi Kate,Looks like you had a lovely holiday. I loved all of your photo's especially the ones of your rather attractive children. I also liked your smash journal, however what was with the American date stamp? I wanted and received a European date stamp as you well know. What's up with that? Wasn't it kind of nice being unplugged for awhile? Diane M

  17. I'm sure you felt quite lost without web access, but on the other side of the coin, I'm also sure that not only did you need a vacation but you deserve one after all that you've been doing this year. This year you have just taken off like a rocket ship and you've been working your little bum off. Glad you're back though because I need my Kate Crane fix every few days. Take care and as always thank you for the continued inspiration.

  18. Kate, LOVED your analog pics ('specially the arty one), and loved your jourals too. How amazingly cool that you bumped into a blogland buddy!!! :) There are no mistakes in the Universe. Leaving my blog for a bit is a necessary evil at this point in my life. Poor thing seems so neglected lately. I need time to regroup and begin creating again. Will definitely check in from time to time. You've always got something interesting happening! Good luck getting the kids ready for school. Hugs, Terri ♥

  19. Glad you had a good break - my feet don't seem to have touched the ground since we moved and I'm struggling to get back into the swing of things :-) Got a holiday coming up soon so hoping to have some R&R!
    Your smash journal looks fab! And the photographs look great too. Hope to see you soon :D x x x

  20. Why is your smash book so so cool...Can't wait to get one!

  21. hi kate i know this sounds a bit nerdy but could you tell me what camera you used to get the small polaroid type prints, thanks in advance regards fred

  22. Hi Fred, I used a Fujifilm Instax mini 25 camera. It's fab - I love it, and it's great for scrapbooking/journaling. It's an instant camera, like an up-todate version of the old polaroid. You can get them on Amazon. The films can be pricey but its best to buy them in bulk on e-bay. Kate x


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