Friday, 31 August 2012

September already?!

Banksy inspired stamps by Beecrafty
Letter stamps by Stampotique Originals
Number stamps by Paper Artsy

Phew! Only just managed to keep up with my calendar page this month ... something to do with school holidays ... ! I chose to a grungy Banksy inspired page this month after seeing this which I love:

I came across these Banksy inspired images over at Bee Crafty and they seemed to fit the bill!

So, who's still in? Have you managed to keep up? Well done and congrats if you have, we are well over half way through the year now!! For all those who are still in, here's the link for your completed August page and/or your September page ready to go. See you soon!


  1. Noooooooooooo! Not 'til tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Lovely page and love your piccy of someone stealing one of the Olympic rings xx

  3. Hi Kate, Love your calendar pages. I have yet to give them a go, but I'm really going to try for 2013. Your love of color matches mine that's why I'm so inspired by your techniques. Have you got your mind off f holiday mode or do you find yourself at least mentally still in Cornwall? Diane M or aka Dlee

  4. I was sure you'd be late getting your post up, after that fabulous holiday you took. I should have known this would be a priority for you, as it has been with me for nearly two years, now. Just four more months and it will be! Loved your holiday photos by the way, as well as your Smash book. It is the best of many worlds.

  5. Fabulous calendar page Kate :)

  6. Hiya Kate.. Look i'm on time for a change!! lol
    WOW that's a mighty fine pink page for august, love that parking stamp.. very cool.
    Look forward to seeing the grungy sept page :)
    Hugz Minxy

  7. With so much going on I almost forgot to link my pages. Can't believe it's September already.

  8. LOVE seeing these! Maybe next year!

  9. Great pages Kate-as usual! I've posted mine to my blog but didn't see the link here so I'll check back later.

  10. Oh wait-now there it is just above the comments!

  11. Hi, I'm visiting for the first time. I have not art journaled before, but I'm looking for info on how to do a calendar journal too. I'm not clear on what kind of book you are using for your pages. Is it a pre-made book with blank pages or from scratch. Sorry if my question seems silly.

    I'm living in Israel (from the USA) for all of 2013 and I would love to make a calendar journal as a keepsake.

    Thank you!

  12. Hi Debi,
    I do my calendar in a 12x8" Moleskine journal and prepare my pages from scratch. A while ago I did a tutorial here:
    which you may find useful.
    Good luck!
    Kate x

    1. Hi Kate,

      Thank you so much for the instructions! I can't wait to get started :-) After I search for the journal!

      Cheers and following your fun blog,

  13. Hi Kate, love the colours for August and your page in your molesking journal. Looking forward to seeing the completed pages for Sept. One of these days I may actually have a relevant theme for mine.
    Anne x

  14. Love, love your page, also loved your last post re holiday and it's so good to have you back, hugs xx

  15. I've made my September page, but have yet to blog it! I love the colors on yours!


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