Saturday, 15 May 2010

A new journal page and a new bunny

A new page in my journal created with images by Tumblefish for Deviant Scrap . These images are a dream to use because you get so many for your money and they all fit together allowing you to create your own people. I painted my background first with acrylics and then added a few splashes and sprays. I stamped with bottle lids and then added the borders and 'built' the character.

I added the wording following a conversation with a colleague earlier in the week. She jokily accused me of being a rebel. I don't think I am but I do have to admit to being a bit outspoken and I definitely have bolshy tendencies! When I was young (ha!) I used to be very quiet and always did I was I was told at work but I seem to get more impatient and cynical as the years pass....... Is it just me?

Now, a while ago we lost our elderly house bunny. It was a sad time - you get used to these little creatures hopping round your house. Now we have a new baby Teddyrabbit:

All together now.....ahhhhhhhhh! (BTW he does have ears they are just flat to his head in this pic!) He might just look like a wild bunny that sits on the roadside to you, but to me he's beautiful. He's also very tame and friendly. He has taken to falling asleep on my knee, flat on his back with all four legs in the air. I'm in love :-)

Have a good weekend everyone. Byeeeeeeee


  1. Anothewr great page...... I really need to learn how to use photoshop!.. handsome bunny too!

  2. OMG that is the cutest most adorable little bunny wabbit. He looks sooooooooooo soft and fluffy :).

  3. Love your page as usual but love your bunny more, he's so cute. I wish I could have another bunny but with 2 Border Terriers it's imposs, they would eat it.
    Going to take a look at those images now.
    Pat xx

  4. Great sentiment that proobably fits me to a I LOVE your bunny wabbit...its making me all broody for some new pets now all we have left is the Robbie-Ray the hamster and Pants the goldfish!! Have a great weekend...xox

  5. Awwwwwwwww . . . . I can see why you're in love! Teddybunny is adorable! May he have a long, happy (and hoppy) life! (OK . . . I just couldn't resisit!) Love your new page! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  6. Kate you are funny! Love your page - I think it has a more grungy look than usual - I likey very much. And you know what, you have a wonderful knack of hitting the nail on the head with your wording!
    Thanks for the link, I shall go check it out, I'm steeling myself not to spend....well not to spend TOO much anyway! x x
    PS. Cute bunny!

  7. Love this gorgeous journal page, and the bunny looks cute too.

  8. that so made me smile I love that saying, only lasted one minute though youngest is doing his homework next to me and doing my head in, aaargggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  9. does house bunny not poop everywhere and chew everything, like wires!!!

  10. I love your pages, they're always so colourful. Love the sentiment on this one :)
    Awww hello teddyrabbit - sooo cute
    Anne x

  11. Nothing wrong with being a bit bolshy - someone has to point out when everyone is being asked to do something pointless (memories of staff-meetings)Lovely bunny - what fabulous furry feet!

  12. wonderful art, cutie bunny!

  13. Oh Kate he's gorgeous!
    I was just like you, quiet and always did as I was told, went to teacher training college and got louder, and now I can be a bit rebellious about things(in places where I'm comfortable) :) So no, it's not just you. Do you think it's our age? I'm hoping not

  14. OH, the cuteness! The page AND the bunny!! :)

  15. It's most certainly not just you. Your second paragraph sums me up so well it's spooky! I sometimes look at your journal pages and think you must be reading my mind. Love your new bunny - he's incredibly cute.

  16. Aaaww! How cute, I want one.

    The page is fab as usual. Love the purply circles.


  17. Kate oh how I adore your fabulous pages !!
    I think the words are perfect.
    Always such a lovely artful surprise.
    The little bunny is so precious too.
    Have a great week. Hugs Laura. xoxx

  18. Dictionary definition of rebel..

    "A rebel is a participant in a rebellion; or more precisely, an individual who resists authority or control."

    I think you're an artistic rebel, leading the way in the weird and the wonderful...producing pages that go against the grain...making us think with your images and journalling...

    Cute bunny too. xx

  19. aw...yes, too cute!
    and no,

    it's not just you! lol

    ciao bella
    ...great art work, btw! i love what you do!

    creative carmelina

  20. Your work is lovely! I wanted to comment on your bunny... he looks exactly like a female bunny I have owned now for going on 6 years or more. She looks quite ordinary, like the coloring of a wild rabbit but she is the most special pet I have ever owned. She is smart, quick-witted, clever, and she used to outsmart a very mean cat I used to have! She stood right up to him and refused to be intimidated! Her name is Lulie, and she looks almost exactly like yours! I'll have to post a pic of her on my blog so you can see what I mean!

  21. Darling new bunny. I'm glad you are supporting Marsha at Tumblefish in her new shop. I love her work and what you are doing with it in your journal pages.

  22. I have an award waiting for you over on my blog. It was given to me by CC at Lace'n'Ribbon Roses, and I wanted to pass it to you as you SO deserve it!

  23. Ahhhhhh! Gorgeous Teddyrabbit! I can see why you're in love lol!
    Fab page too!
    Lesley x

  24. The bunny's sooooo cute. We used to have a bunny when I was young and I won't go into the tragedy that happened, but let's just say dogs and rabbits do not go together. I love your journal page, as always your work is just awesome. I admire that you can work, have kids and still find time to do some art ... amazing.


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