Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Variation on a theme

I enjoyed using this stamp by Stampotique so much on my last journal page I decided to use her again! I love the slightly manic look in her eyes, and the grin that is more of a grimace!

A return to work this week meant a return to quick evening meals because life gets too hectic for anything else, and a return to one of our regular evening meals, you know - 'freezer surprise', the un-named carton in the freezer containing unidentified remains! We have these meals on a regular basis and its a surprise every time LOL!

There is of course a more serious undertone to all of this - the feeling of loss of control, that it's not possible to have and to do everything:

Here's some of the detail of my layering, splatting, doodling and stamping:

And this is supposed to represent me - the Undomestic Goddess (yes, I know it's not a real word, but hey! this is my journal and I can use any words I like!)

Bye for now :-)


  1. i love it but you already know it (comment on your flickr) your pages are gorgeous ...
    the stamp is just so so cuuuuute...

    and you're right..that's your journal so write anything you want, even not real word

    kiss from belgium

  2. I love this, Kate!! The colours are fab in your background and all the layers look amazing. Excellent sentiment too...I guess it's just a 'woman' thing, but sometimes it's so hard to admit that we do too much and try to please too many people too often :)
    Jayne xx

  3. Oh I love this all the colours are great and it is so bright and cheery. Fab
    Love and bugsx

  4. I absolootly adore this Kate... Can you please come to my hoose and teach me I did finally finish my April pages so I suppose I should really make a start on the May ones while it's still April...xox

  5. the background colours are gorgeous Kate. yes, she's very manic isn't she? I'm glad I'm not the only one with unamed containers in the freezer too!

  6. Undomestic goddess must be the new thing as I'm the same and have the same meals in my freezer. Loving the page and the colours.
    Hope you get back into the routine quickly xx

  7. Your backgrounds are getting more and more wonderful, Kate!

    As to freezer surprise - at least you HAVE surprises in the freezer lol!!

    Lesley x

  8. Don't feel badly, Kate! We've all worn that slightly demented/tortured look upon returning home from work. There aren't enough hours in the day. I always call rummaging in the freezer "pot luck"! LOL! You never know what you'll come up with!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  9. never cease to amaze me! I am always blown away by what you do! Thanks so much for sharing! I certainly wish we were closer so that I could "journal play" with you!

  10. I like that stamp too!! I love her shoes!!!

    Ya know, I don't work outside the home - you think it would be easy to get meals on the table. But if I have been painting, like today, I loose track of time and before I know it it's dinner time and nothing cooking. Luckily for me, my husband drives by a grocery store on his way home!!! I think he is getting to hate my 5:15 calls!! lol Okay, after re-reading that I feel terrible, gonna go to the grocery store tomorrow!!!

    At least you have stuff in the freezer!!!! :)


  11. long time no see! well no blog following! i am trying to catch up on you :) cool cool pages!
    i m sorry to say i didn't make it on the challange! damn but i might get back in at any stage and still meet the finishing line lol

    freezer suprises... beans on toast... you will manage! and i like the new word! it is one i can relate too

    take care xx

  12. Nothing wrong with a Freezer Tea - with football and haircuts after school then a Playgroup Committee meeting at 7pm, we had just that! It was wolfed down by them all and the place was cleared in no time. PJ's on by 6.30pm and I even had time to put on lipgloss...and I remembered a pen - woohoo!! Love the page...xx

  13. the colours you've used for the background in this page are just so, so yummy Kate! And as the others have said, at least you have meals in the freezer lol!!!

  14. Love it, the colours are fantastic, what a terrific page. xx

  15. A joy as usual and the sentiment brought a smile of recognition to my face.
    I see you've sneaked some music manuscript into the background and I really like the tuquoise "suqare mesh" effect - did you stamp it with something?

  16. FAB-U-LOUS, Kate!!! Your pages are just so yummy! All that delicious color and pattern. LOVE!

    Oh, and as far as frozen meals go, I think I've cooked about five times since I got pregnant with our daughter. She's almost two now, so.... you do the math. :)

  17. I love this piece, the colors are fab.

  18. oh how i know how you feel Katie, of sick with stinking cold at the mo, so got up put on washing, tided boys rooms, contemplated cleaning bathroom and doing some gardening before cooking tea, then wondered why i was so exhausted later on, today have tried to chill but its hard and that bathroom is still calling me, not quite sure what the colour of the suite is anymore, haha. Love ur work as always, brilliant use of colour which i will try vainly to emulate, do you ever do atc's as would love to own a piece of your art, dinner tonight whatever you can find, LOL

  19. I have worn that Stampotique face many a time when my children were younger - especially at meal times when they all wanted something different!...and now I don't cook AT ALL! EVER! My husband had to learn when he retired and I must say he's a damn sight better at it than I ever was.
    The colours on your page are gorgeous, sumptuous even
    Hoping to see you in Spain sometime this summer
    Love Sue xx

  20. Kate, glad to see that you have got your priorities right though - journalling rather than being a domestic goddess! Freezer surprise rocks!

  21. I do love your backgrounds Kate. We call meals like that "cold box - hot box" nights.

  22. Kate,
    I just enjoy your imagination and talent so much. The backgrounds are fabulous and love your twist on the domestic goddess.Your such a breathe of fresh air and full of inspiration.
    Your "so so so" Brilliant Kate. Such a special style of your own,perfection.
    Happy creating, Hugs Laura.xoxx
    P.S. I am in a bit of a rut lately,your art soars. Don't you love the teeth on this image,what a smile. YOU MAKE ME SMILE BIG !! Till next time. : )

  23. LOVE IT !!!! you are so talented darling the colours are fab and i do love stampotique we call meal like that 'concoction' hahahahahaha

  24. Stunning Kate. Just love the colours you have used & what a good theme. :) When you've been to Kirsti's can you please call at mine. :D Hugs, Gez. Freezer meals rule.... life's to short! xx


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