Saturday, 13 February 2010

Half Term! Woop woop!

Aaaaaaaah! That's the sound of me breathing a sigh of relief! Don't get me wrong, I love my job and I love my class but boy oh boy, is it hard work. So, a few days to get back to some art :-)
This is a page in my A5 Moleskine which is guessed It might seem that the figures in the bottles are not connected to what is written on the page but they are. It's funny, when you create something it makes perfect sense to you, but it doesn't always to someone else. My husband took one look and asked 'What's that got to do with the bottles?'
At the moment I work four full days a week, monday to Thursday hence this bit of the page:
But even when I am working, art keeps me sane because if I don't have enough time to create I will still be thinking about it. In other words, it gives me a focus outside of what I do for a living. If I didn't focus on something else, the life would soon be sucked out of me, which is where the bottles fit in. Ah well, it made sense when I did it!
The images are from the wonderful Itkupilli, the flower stamp is Hero Arts.

Now, here's something else that has been keeping me occupied recently (like I need another project!)  I am in the process of wrecking a journal (Wreck this Journal by Kerri Smith). This is gloriously good fun :-)
Throughout the book, you are encouraged to let go, think outside of the box, be less of a perfectionist. I thought I would struggle with defacing a pristine new book but actually it is surprisingly easy when you have the permission to do so. It takes me right back to my school days. As a teenager, I used to do things like this all the time.........especially in dull lessons at school.
The one page that is worrying me is having to take the book into the shower with me. Hmmmmm. Do I do that first before I do lots of lovely colouring on the page, or is that cheating?! In my heart of hearts I know I should go with the flow and not worry about it but............. When I stride into the shower clutching my journal, without a care in the world then with the help of this book I will have achieved something.

Ok, I'm off to wreck a bit more. Ciao.


  1. I don't think I could do that (taking it into the shower, but I guess if it was part of the lesson...:) I've seen that book before, but I think the title scared me--do you like it?? I love looking at everything you do!!!

  2. Let us know what happens to your wrecking Kate. Interesting concept!
    Lesley x

  3. First - Congrats on 1/2 term!!! Yay! Second - Your interpretation of work and routine sucking the life out of us is brilliant. Third - Hmmm . . . don't know if I could take completed pages in the shower either! Can't wait to hear your decision! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  4. Makes sense to me, too, lol. The more I see, the more I want to start journalling - but where do I find the space??? Your work is stunning and so different from what you do for a living. Really inspirational.

  5. Sounds like a very interesting book - must check it out and put it on my list.... I have been busy doing your art journal project from Craft Stamper as it seems to be the only art journalling I am doing at the mo (need the prompts to keep me going!!!....) and I do like that page with the bottles...toodle pip for noo... have a great mid term...xox

  6. I love Wreck this Journal. I bought it for presents for my friends daughters and they took great delight in following the instructions with their friends. Great way to free your mind up too.
    Great page - makes sense to me too!

  7. Oh the page is SO gorgeous!! Love the bottles -even with the spooky doll images - they're growing on me:D!
    Your backgrounds are so fabulous Kate - do you use Claudine's paint all the time or other acrylic paints? Enjoy your half term...hope you get some YOU time to journal!
    x x

  8. you go for it girl. If you ink the page first you will end up with a faux bleach effect..!!! lmao. Love your page babe and I understood it perfectly, but then, I,m not sure if you feel that is a good thing or not.!!!! xx

  9. what a pleasant piece of an artist's mind you've shared with us...

    I totally get how the bottles meant something personal to you....that's what art really is,,,and internal search of yourself....followed by the outward, tactile expression that others see.

    many times I paint my feelings in words on a work of art, and then bury it under layers of paint....but the feelings will always ring true each time I look at the painting....unbeknownst to others!

    thanks for sharing

  10. Here, here on term breaks! I've taught music for the past 20 years in public school. I put a counter in my pocket (that SHOULD have been the tip-off) to keep track of how many times I sang 'Rudolph' with my students during the Christmas season. Approx. 10 classes a day (20+ kids per class) 5 days a week...2 times per class (their choice) well, do the math, over 700 times in a month and a half (with an enthusiastic smile!) So now I'm retired (in June). Check out my blog, enjoying yours! Pam

  11. ok i have just ordered this book, love the sound of it lol

  12. As its half term maybe you should do a page with the lids of the bottles off - as a complete contrast to work where you are bound by their rules.
    I have seen these wreck your journal before - I'll be interested to see how yours turns out.
    ps I see smiles in the faces of the flowers.

  13. Brilliant as usual Kate, I would be like your DH and ask about the bottles.
    The KERRI SMITH book sounds interesting think I will have to buy it but not sure about the shower part. Waiting to see what happens.
    Have a good half term will we see you at Claudines.
    Pat xx

  14. My husband doesn't get some of my art either. But it's not for him, now is it? Love the new page & good luck on the wrecked journal. I have never heard of anything like that before...will keep following your adventure with it!

  15. I got 'wreck this journal' a year or so back and it got collared by two of my kids! So this Christmas I bought all 3 of them one, so I really should get back to my own!
    Enjoy half term, don't do too much work in it!
    Great journalling (although I'm not keen on the spooky dolls, but that's what makes our journals different and our own :) )

  16. ooh I love your page - have a great half term break !! See, you got me started on something else now, I was intrigued by the Wreck This Journal so have just googled, and ordered !!!

  17. Ak! NO WAY am I taking a book into the shower, especially one I've done artwork in. I used to read in the bath... after dropping a library book (it wasn't the paying for it, it was the public telling off that killed me) and trying to dry out warped pages, I really don't recommend it.

    Although you could cheat, cover the book in plastic and try to write inside the plastic bag?

  18. Fab journalling Kate. I hadn't heard of the book before and looked at it on Amazon. One page says to mail it!!! I might never get it back with the state of Royal Mail these days grrrrr!

    I too am on half term - hope your Monday was a great as mine was?

    Only another 6 weeks until the next break - yippee! :)

  19. Kate sorry too early when read your question about the Gesso,LOL.You can add it over your images, gives a nice transparent finish. Great for a vintage look or spooky look? I love using it for different things. I have the black gesso to use,not sure what I am waiting for ??? I should get that out today and use it. I heard wonderful to create with too. I hope got the right answer now, I am awake. LOL.
    I forgot love the bottle's with the little doll bodies, so neat. Where did you find them, so much fun. Character Constructions has a clear stamp reminds me of them. If you don't have it you would love it !!
    Enjoy your day, Hugs Laura xoxo

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