Sunday, 7 February 2010

An ATC, art received and another challenge.

Ooooh, I haven't had much time for art recently :-( 

Being a primary school teacher is all consuming and the paperwork can be overwhelming at times; it is not unusual for me to bring 50 books home to mark on an evening. On top of that, my children have had a sickness bug this weekend so there has been little sleep, lots of TLC and the washing machine has gone into overdrive. I did however manage to sneak in an ATC and I have another in progress. This one is for my friend Jan who I have been swapping ATCs with for quite a while. She sends me very neat, pretty floral designs and she gets this sort of thing in return LOL!

Now, as if I haven't got enough to do, Sarah over at The Art of Moodling has set me another challenge. But no matter how busy I am I can't resist a challenge, and just look how tiny this one is. (And look! My Art Journal made it back from Stampington in America - it's been gone since last July!)

I'm going to sneak this into my Calendar journal when it is finished. And look at the mail art which Sarah made to send it in. Cute! Do check out Sarah's blog - it's a real treat.

Now, here is some very special blog candy which I won on Sharon's blog Livewire Jewelry. Isn't it gorgeous? Thanks so much Sharon, I feel very fortunate to have won such a gorgeous prize and I am very much a jewellery person so rest assured, it has come to a good home :-)

And here is the mail art made by Sharon that accompanied the bracelet from America! At least my postman has an interesting round! Sharon is one of those talented people that can turn her hand to many different things. Do check out her gorgeous blog.

Right, off to empty the washing machine (again......) Byeeeeeeeeeeeeee


  1. Ohhh, Kate! Lucky you to have won Sharon's beautiful bracelet. She truly is a very gifted artist, and I love her mail art too. OMG! The inchie calendar is way too cute. No wonder you couldn't resist another challenge! Hugs, Terri xoxo

    PS - I'm sooo happy to hear that your journal is back safe and sound!

  2. Love your atc, awesome. What a gorgeous bracelet. WOW!!

  3. That bracelet is FAB i bet you are so chuffed to have won it, you lucky thing !!!! and this ATC is gorgeous love it xxx

  4. Awwwww have made me feel so good! Thank you so very much for the wonderful compliment, I do appreciate it! I am soo glad you will be putting that bracelet to good use! Your accomplishments are incredible and so well deserved, and the ATC is makes a very strong statement! Hugs!

  5. Hey...

    I just love that no matter what event life throws your way, you still make it a point to create!
    Beautiful mail art the prize you great is that?!!

    have a great day!


  6. Just love that head stamp, it's one of my favourites! great ATC.

  7. Love ALL the art... hope your children are better soon.. got my craft stamper yesterday so will be trying out the techniques soon... take care..xoxo

  8. Kate you always seem to bounce back what is happening in your life. Hope the kiddiwinks are better and you have had time to brace yourself for the week ahead (nearly half-term)PS Love the pics.

  9. theres a little something on my blog or you xxx

  10. Oooohh what loveliness has been landing through your letterbox!

  11. You are so lucky to have won Sharon's bracelet - it's fabulous.
    Lovely mail art too.
    I don't envy you all that marking in the evenings!
    Lesley x

  12. Wonderful art to inspire and so creative in many ways- I have enjoyed my first visit to your blog and look forward to revisiting!

  13. You totally wow me Kate,I love visiting your blog.
    You have such a great art eye for color and imagination. Great Atc too "Winner", so happy for you!! Enjoy your new bracelet, lovely.
    You inspire me greatly Kate the creative artist...
    Hugs,Laura. xoxx

  14. I do love that head stamp! (think I've told you that before, tee hee) Lucky you to get hat bracelet. x

  15. Kate,

    I thought I left a comment earlier, but I don't see it here. I came to your blog by way of Brian at A Man Who Crafts ( He was talking about participating in your journaling project. Since I'm not one to journal, I was amazed that you could come up with so many ways to fill a day's worth of memories.

    I spotlight a blog a day on my blog. I was so impressed with your year long project and your other art, I thought today should be your day (Feb. 11). Thanks for being such an inspiration to so many and it's nice to meet you.

  16. Just stumbled across your blog and it has blown me away! I think your posts are fabulous and your art very inspiring. Wow!

  17. Thank you for being the first to leave a comment on my blog! It was very thoughtful.


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