Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Nothing too spooky today....

I have this fantasy that one day (ie: when we win the national lottery) I will be able to stay at home all day, listening to music, drinking freshly brewed coffee and MAKING ART. Trouble is, I have a sneaking suspicion that creativity has limits and that no matter how much time I had on my hands my creative output would be approximately the same as it is is right now. In fact being busy and stressed is sometimes good for your art. Stress = bad for your heart but good for your art :-)
I painted the background for this journal page and then added a doll's head image from Rian. Do check out Rian's website, she has some wonderful images up for grabs. The Butterfly is from Crafty Individuals. I stamped a few circles, doodled a bit and then painted some wings.
I'm not sure if the page is finished yet. I've said all I want to for the time being but it kind of looks unfinished..... watch this space....!


  1. Oh this is beautiful! But I still like the spooky stuff the best, but that is just me! Oh I think I would really enjoy LOTS of time to play and make messes be creative.

  2. This is great Kathryn... I like the spooky stuff too but then I like all your stuff... eagerly awaiting my next instalment from Craft Stamper...lol... and I have updated my calendar, it was just a blip...keep up the great work...Kirsti ...xox

  3. I used to be much more prolific when I worked full time ... the condensed time forced me to focus ... I couldn't procrastinate!

    Great journal page, love the colors and the doll!

  4. I would definitely play... well I like to think I would! I do so love your stitching - I have to go to the faff of getting out the machine and then putting it away again due to space constraints - not very conducive to spur of the moment creativeness! So if I won the lottery I would have the biggest studio with loads of space so I could leave all my tools out and in reach for whatever medium took my fancy!
    x x

  5. I prefer this to the SPOOK! I do get to stay home and live out my creative desires...and I gotta say, there's just no end to where your mind can take you if you let it.

    And you're absolutely right, stressful lives is great for creativity....it's a soothing and refreshing therapy to frazzled emotions.

  6. I love this! That expression is wonderful, and the quote...ahhh, so right! I like it the way it is.
    I sent your package out on Sat...so keep an eye out!!

  7. I love this, in fact I love all styles. I think it's great to adapt to your moods and after all , 'variety is the spice of life' as they say. Getting on Ok with my calendar....... x

  8. Kate, You wouldn't get half the art done if you were at home all day as it is all too easy to procrastinate and if it wasn't for the journey to work and the work itself where would you get your inspiration from???
    I love this page - the doll is obviously saying something and I think the page is finished - you know less is more and all that!!!
    Hugs Sue xx

  9. Hi Kate,
    Better than spooky, but dolls aren't my fav either LOL! (picky I know)!
    Love the page though.
    IKWYM about time and art - I was fortunate enough to cut my hours a year or so ago and it has made no difference to what I produce. In fact it's just given me more time to simply waste - which is bad!!
    Lesley x

  10. I think you´re totally right, because it´s the same for me: always thinking (and saying!) "If I only had time to do that", but when I have a few days off work, I´m too weak to do anything at all, and the worst is that I´m totally uninspired. But sometimes when I only have one hour, my muse is looking over my shoulder and works for me without giving me the opportunity to get hold of her. Maybe that´s what art makes being art. Let me know if you find the answer, please!

  11. Wow, such great comments for a fabulous journal page. Now that I'm working full-time, my weekends are precious for me to get my creative time in.

  12. oh i love this soooo much, wish i had more time to play hehehehe

  13. I share your dream Kate !!
    And thanks again for mension my site.
    Your art brought a smile on my face. It's so nice to see what everyone creates with this collage sheet. Well done !!!
    xxx Rian (the Netherlands)

  14. Kate that is so clever and true what you wrote.
    I love this art piece, your the coolest imagination. I love it, what a wonderful creative mind you have.
    Such a treat seeing your new art on your fabulous blog !!
    Hugs,Laura. xoxx


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