Wednesday, 16 December 2009

I wish I had two heads

Yes, it's true! Sometimes I do wish I had two heads. This time of year is so busy that there is little time to sit back and reflect even for a moment. I get frustrated when I can't switch off from my busy day, to create a little. When you are very busy it becomes all consuming, and that is why I wish I had two heads, or that my head could be in two places at once. See? Do I make sense?........I'm not sure that I do! So anyway, this is the completed page that I blogged earlier.
And this is how it came together. I decided the phrenology head needed a hat and a matching border at the bottom of the page:

I added some random numbers cut from an old text (index pages are great for this), a Tim Holtz staples stamp along the bottom, and an arrow cut from from scrapbooking paper:

I added some journaling lines with a felt tip and then scrawled my ramblings all over the page in different directions. But who is to say it's finished?! I may add more doodlings at a later date:

Sandy left me a comment asking if the head is an Invoke stamp. No, in fact it's an image and I'm not sure where it came from but I did find the stamp Sandy is talking about here oooh tempting isn't it? (Oh Sandy, look what you've done! No matter how many stamps I have it's NEVER enough!)

Thanks for all your lovely comments re: my new look blog. Seems like it's a hit! YAY! And thanks to everyone who has volunteered to join the 365 calendar challenge. Watch this space..............

And finally; we have heating again woop woop! 3 weeks without heat has been a little uncomfortable and the bathroom has been a bit of a challenge every morning, but we are warm again :-)))  I love my gas man :-))


  1. Yay for the "gas man"!!! I'm thrilled to hear that you finally have a warm, cozy home! Awesome pages, Kate. If we can have two heads, then may I please have an extra pair of hands too?!? LOL! Holiday Hugs, Terri xoxo

  2. To the warm and toast Kate...I think your comments apply to any woman at this time of year...or almost any time of year come to that - always too much to do and too little time...

    Sue x

  3. Love it, so unusual, as usual, if you get my drift, I just adore you style, because you've got style by the shed full. xx

  4. Fantastic page again! I love those colors and the image! I want to join in the 365 challenge....please do tell!

  5. Kate I love the additions you made to the page.
    The hat was a perfect touch!!

    Isn't it fun that a journal page does not have to be ever "finished"!

    Glad to hear it's warm again inside. :)

  6. Hi Kathryn! I LOVE your new blog look! It's gorgeous! And not only do I wish I had two heads but two of everything or double of everything. I only get done about half of what I intend to everyday so two of me would work out well! Another lovely piece. I am still your biggest fan and am off to look a bit more. I especially wanted to swing by and wish you a very blissful and very Merry Christmas!

  7. I love this! I just found your blog via a Flickr pool (journal junk I think) and I'm loving it. And yes you make perfect sense, that's how I often feel. I was just blogging about a similar feeling yesterday... though more of an "I wish I had 50 heads" sort of feeling! :D

    Glad to hear you have your heat back, having the heat out in winter is the WORST.

    Thanks for sharing the progression of this page in your previous post, I love seeing how pages come together. Oftentimes I work on my own pages over several weeks so even I don't remember all the steps that went into them!

  8. Hi Kate, I popped by briefly the other day when I was supposed to be working, so I didn't have time to leave you a comment, but I think the new blog look is very snazzy. Getting help is VERY grownup - I started to change mine a bit months ago, but I still haven't got around to doing the things I wanted - you have obviously mastered the art of delegation! The 365 thing sounds good, I think I'm in, if I ever get my desk/brain/work backlog cleared enough!

  9. It's crazy busy for me this year too ... working full time for the first time in 4 years and trying to get all my projects out before Christmas. The chrissy cards are very late this year, not to mention our posties have gone on strike!! I'm glad you're all toasty & warm now ... we're a little too warm down under.

  10. I can relate totally to the need for two heads - mine just feels full of things I don't want to think about! I'd like one for every day chores and and one just for me!

  11. Sorry for making you drool! Know what you mean about the "never enough" syndrome! I have it too. I LOVE what you've done with the page... his hat just tops it off - geddit?!
    x x

  12. Such a beautiful spread. That Butterscotch paint is perfect (I have it in crackle paint, so I know exactly what you mean about the gross colour, hehe).
    Thanks for the inspiration!


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