Sunday, 13 December 2009

A blog makeover!

Hello! Don't worry it's me! It just looks a little different round here, that's all. I decided that after one year of blogging it was high time I had a blog makeover. I'd love to tell you I did it all myself but you know I'd be lying LOL! It's all down to the lovely, very talented and extremely patient Susie whose work you can see here, here and here. Much as I liked my old black background I know it was hard on the eyes (esp. if you are over 40 like me!!) so the old black had to go. Anyway, white is the new black. Let me know what you think.....

I've had an extremely busy time at work recently so I decided to to have a day at Art from the Heart today, doing what I love the most, art journaling. So I spent the day doing a bit of journaling, a lot of chatting, and quite a bit of drinking coffee and eating yummy chocolate cake :-)  This is a work in progress. I used colours I haven't ever used before; ranger dabber in butterscotch which quite frankly looks disgusting in the bottle but I loved when I mixed it with the blues and greens, and I stamped circles in metallic gold which I usually avoid like the plague. I like it so far but there's lots more to be done. I'll blog it again when finished.

Creatively things have been a bit quiet recently but I am managing to keep on top of my art calendar, Look:

However busy my day has been I can usually find 5 minutes to fill a small square and then I feel that I have accomplished something. And my husband doesn't seem to mind climbing into a bed covered in felt tips :-)   Don't forget I'm setting a 365 challenge along with Jill starting January 2010 if you want to join in. Details nearer the time.......

I spent some of today making the page for january:

A while ago I told you that our heating was off. IT'S STILL OFF. Brrrrrrrrrrrr. We are having a new boiler fitted over the next couple of days, but look! My house bunny knows where to go to keep warm!

Best seat in the house.......

Bye for now.....


  1. I love your new blog design! And I'm smitten with your rabbit. :)

  2. No.1 Love the make over.
    No.2 Cute snugly bunny.
    No.3 Glad you're enjoying your calendar.
    No.4 You're well ahead with January set up!
    Keep warm

  3. LOVE your new blog look, Kate! And I love your page too. Things have been so busy here, my art is taking a back seat. I'm having withdrawal symptoms! Bunny is sweet AND smart! Holiday Hugs, Terri xoxo

  4. I love love and love your new blog makeover.
    Fabulous !!!!!!!!
    It is totally awesome,like you. I enjoy your art work so much and you inspire me greatly. I am going to create some more journal pages in the near future,with thanks to you.(Zetti Rocks big in my mind) I have been away from art creating and blogging. I am back,posted to my blog tonight. Oh your house bunny is precious.We had our heat turn off for two days here and it was nasty. We got a new heat pump installed, it was not fun. I do not like being cold, thank goodness for your woodstove. We were in the freezing cold, haha. Again love your work and your blog. Hugs Laura. Everything looks wonderful !!!

  5. Kate, it is wonderful!! I love everything about it. I keep changing from a black background to a white. I can't make up my mind. But I think you are right, it is easier to read on white I just love how pictures look on the black too though!! See, I can't decide!! Seeing your makes me want to go back to white!!! :)

    I love all the little touches too, your buttons that are pictures are so cool, and I love the red smuged line under your name, and the pink dot lines on the sidebar. Cool, cool, cool!!

    And your journal page is awesome, and love you housebunny!!!! Does he/she use a litter box???

  6. The makover is fabby, so you..!!! Was lovely seeing you today, and your work is gorgeous as usual. Count me in in January. xxx

  7. Love your new layout much easier for people like me to read. The journal page is gorgeous,good luck with the heating, it's going to get colder this week.......brrrr

  8. My eyes are thanking you!! (now you know I'm over 40!!!) Love the new blog look. Love your journal pages as always, is that head an invoke stamp? You're so creative, cutting him in two - heh heh - just heard those last few words in my head and they sound crazy!! Are you a mad, mad artist? lol

  9. The new blog looks fantastic, and so does your new piece! I love your way with colors Kate! I am really loving that calender idea, and hope to fit one in my schedule for the New Year! Thanks for sharing and your inspiration as always. Keep warm!

  10. I love the new blog and the font is so much bigger. Journal pages as good as ever. I don't really get the advent calendar ... are you supposed to write something you're grateful for every day or something you've achieved or a brief overview of your day? Very cool either way.

  11. oh i love the new blog look! maybe cos of my over 40 eyes! lol no way!!! your pages are cool, brave experimenting oth colours and gold! strange, i stay well away from gold but latelky i have been using it... great minds and all thay :)
    i kinda maybe want to go for that challenge in 2010 but that means i shoul start on the pages.. will i find time? hell yeah! xxxx

  12. Love the blog makeover Kate - that banner is much more 'you' now. And how cute is your rabbit!!!? x

  13. Glad you enjoyed your day at Dyan's place - I love it there too but haven't been in so long. Oh well, maybe next year!!
    Your split in half face almost looks like embossed metal - I love butterscotch, the Alcohol ink too!!! haha!
    Love the new header - what a showcase but how did you choose??? you have sooo many lovely pieces!
    I am going to join the 365 challenge in 2010 so just need to get myself yet another journal!!! that only makes it seven....!!! oh well!
    and as for that oh so cute bunny - is he not just too gorgeous. love him?? loads.
    Hugs Sue x

  14. love the new blog look and the journal page is looking FAB love the art calander !!!! how cute is your bunny, mine is black and white too, hes a lopped ear bunny and soooo cute, he is living in the conservatory at the moment till it warms up outside again :) xxxx

  15. I missed the Journal day again at AFTH had my grand-daughter staying with me. Glad you enjoyed your day. Kate your art work is wonderful in fact awsome, I really love it and your new background etc is fantastic.
    Don't lets forget your bunny, he is gorgeous. I used to have one who lived with my rottweiler they were really good pals. Now I have the 2 Border terriers and couldn't possibly have a rabbit with those two.


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