Monday, 16 November 2009

Time to share a little love.........

Well, finally I have some blog candy to share :-)   A little late for my bloggerversary but hey, it was the best I could do! My way of saying thanks for all your visits and comments, every one is really appreciated. So, here is a journal made by moi,  A5 size (approx 6 x 8") ready for you to fill with colour, random thoughts, paints, crayons, stamps and anything else that takes your fancy. It contains 15 pages (30 sides) some are watercolour and some are card, all bound together with the Zutter bind-it-all. All you have to do is leave me a comment on this post and in one week's time (Monday 23rd November) a winner will be picked. If you are a blog lurker don't be shy! Come join in the fun! I shall put all names in a hat and ask one of my children to pick one out (who needs when you have two children with random tendencies in the house?!) I will post worldwide so overseas visitors welcome to participate. No anonymous comments please, I need to be able to contact you.
A few more pics of the cover:

Always good to have a fish lurking somewhere.....

And a few ribbons (I challenge the winner to keep these paint free hee hee!)

Images by Teesha Moore and Paperstreet. Papers by Crafty Individuals.

Now, here's a few pics of a little girl's birthday party I did at the weekend. Thirteen 8 year olds managed to complete these canvases in about 1 1/2 hours. Not bad eh?! The images came from the fabulous Lisa's Altered Art and don't they look gorgeous? :

I love working with children, they don't think too hard, they just 'do'. Sometimes I wish I could go back to that carefree way of creating instead of painstakingly agonising over every step.

Here's a close up of Charlie's lovely canvas with its autumnal colours:

And more of the finished canvases, all similar but all very different:

Ok, storms are battering the Uk at the moment so time to batten down the hatches. Bye for now.......


  1. Oooo Kathryn what a privelage to have the chance of winning your art journal - yes please....put my name down!!!!!

    I just love the creations from the party and what a good idea. How fabulously arty your minds are!!!

    Thanks for sharing.
    Lesley x

  2. sorry - meant to put 'young mind are' at the end not 'your'.


  3. Ohhhhh, Kathryn, your art journal is beyond beautiful!!! What a generous and creative giveaway. I absolutely LOVE it (and secretly hope that I'm the lucky winner!)

    So funny, I met with a client today and said the same thing about children and their art. They just experience the colors and shapes, and feel the magic without thoughts mucking it all up. I keep a few pieces of my 3 year-old grand daughter's work in my studio as a reminder to think like a child! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  4. They did a wonderful job - such a fun birthday party!!

    Kate the journal you made is scrumptious. Please add me to the hat.

  5. What a wonderful cover - I must customise mine, but I'd love to participate in your draw. Love the girls' artwork, I'm sure it was a party they will all remember.

  6. Oh yes please...i'd love to win this Kate, it's fabulous :) and thank you so much for the award you gave me....have been a terrible blogger lately and have had no time to just create for me :( getting withdrawls ! hoping to put that right asap...have signed up for one of Suzi Blu's classes wooohoo watch this space, lol.

    Love all the canvas's...what a clever bunch they are !

    Katy x

  7. Those canvas are great and I wish I had someone to start me off young as well. The journal is fab and I'm sure who ever wins it will love it even if they get paint on the ribbons. Thanks.

  8. Oh wow... aren't these kids great... must get mine started on stuff like this and you are so right about them just doing and not thinking!!!

    Your journal is wonderful - are you sure you really want to give it away!!!...Kirsti x

  9. what a wonderful journal! i would love to be the lucky recipient!

  10. This journal is just GORGEOUS! I'd love the chance to win it! I've recently discovered art journaling, and have not stopped obsessing about it since...LOL

  11. Please add my name to the hat, I would love to win a journal made by you.

  12. Yes please! I'd love to win too!
    How I wish I'd had an inspiring art teacher when I was young... because I couldn't draw, I was almost disregarded in art classes -shame isn't it - art is so much more than being able to draw - the party canvas' are brilliant and what a way to let that young creativity burst out!

  13. Who wouldn't want to win this journal!! I'd love to! I'd DEFINITELY get paint on the ribbons though!!! Although maybe if I won I'd decide to keep it a 'clean' journal, just cut n stick, and maybe watercolour crayons, rather than sprays and paints and dabbers.
    The kids' canvases are fab. I'd have one on my wall, bet they were thrilled with them x

  14. Pick me, pick me!

    I bet Charlie will be thrilled that she made it to your blog!

    How very selfless of you to make something for someone else when you are so busy - what an angel you are!

  15. Hi Kate
    It's MY turn now to hope I win YOUR prize!!! and yours is hand made too so may I, may I, pretty please!

    Love the kids work - what lucky children to get to go to a party like that and with you teaching. I so enjoy the childrens classes I do every week - they never cease to amaze do they? So ready to absorb what thet are told and to try techniques adults would shy away from trying.

    Sue x

    ps. If I tell you that it was 29 degrees yesterday although its cooler at 22 today, I bet you won't put my name in the hat.haha!! lol!

  16. oh count me in please! i'm such a fan of your work!

  17. Oh my Kathryn, what eye candy !!
    This is "amazing" love it and please entry me Kathryn.
    What an honour it would be to enjoy a piece of your amazing talented.
    I truly love your art style and can't wait to see what you create next. Your blog is awesome.
    You go girlfriend ...
    Happy creating,Hugs Laura.

  18. I confess I'm a serial lurker on your blog! I love your artwork and find it really inspiring. I especially love your use of colour. Keep up the good work, I'd be lost without my regular fix of the Kathryn wheel!!!

  19. I'm totally getting in on this - your journal looks SO yummy! I found you through flickr, and have now added your blog to my bookmark list!

  20. I love your work and regulary lurk on your blog. Please put my name down.


  21. ohhhhh i want your candy YUMMY how much would i love to win your gorgeous journal, pick me please please hehehehehe

    LOVE the kids creations there all so fab but they had such a good time :) xxxx

  22. Hi Kate, thanks for the congrats and well wishes!! :)

    You asked about the paints I use.
    I love Golden, I use both heavy bodied and fluid. I also Liquitex, soft body acrylics, they are a little thicker than the fluid and not as thick as the heavy bodied. :)
    I have used the craft paints in the past, but they do not give me the color saturation I like!

  23. Hi Kate

    Love the cats that the kids used on their canvases - I'll have to investigate those :-). Reading some of the things that you put on your journal pages makes me double check that I'm not reading my own - it's comforting to think that someone else has the same thoughts as I do (and I'm not completely mad).

    Hope to see you at Dyan's again soon


  24. Hi Kate, please put my name in the hat! Fingers crossed!!!

  25. Thank you soooooo much Kathryn for this great opportunity to win an incredibl piece of your work...the journal is gorgeous! Please count me in!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
    The children's cards are the dearest!

  26. Found you courtesy of Liz (Chubby Frog) and enjoyed what I have seen. I did a workshop with Sarah and wish I had 24 hours of being awake each day so I could journal along with everything else I try to do each day.

    love your journal - keep going.

  27. What a lovely opportunity! Thank you for your inspiration as always and I will sleep tonight with my fingers crossed...which may be a problem in the morning, but it will be worth it just for the chance! : )

  28. Hi Kate
    having seen ur journalling in the flesh (at Dy's) i'm inspired to keep going hoping mine will improve. Well done on ur one year anniversary, look forward to reading the next year!

  29. I love ur blog.

    It gets better and better.

    You inspeire me.

    Martha :)

  30. Happy blogoversary, Kate! This journal looks wonderful as all your work does, what a great giveaway it will be!

  31. beautiful journal! i'm loving your flickr stream and am adding your blog to my reader! so happy to have found it :)

    take care

  32. Lovely journal, beautiful colors!
    Great blog!

  33. Kathryn..this is such a generous gift...and so beautiful!
    I have enjoyed quite some time reading your blogs and drooling over your work! And I must say, I too was to do Nancuy's class but as yet have not had a chance to begin as I have house guests. I do admire her work and love to visit her blog often. However, I'm a bit like you, no matter what class I take I always feel uncomfortable doing things "their way" and usually either do it my way or not finish the project.

    I love the children's art...looks like they really had fun doing it too.

    And,congratulations on you Blogaversary...keep the great art coming!


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