Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Happy Bloggerversary to me!

Can it really be a year since I started blogging? Can it really? Unbelievable! Before I take a little self indulgent trip down memory lane, here is my latest journal page. It is interesting for me when I look back because I see how my art has evolved, developed and changed, and yet I still seem to be journaling about the same thing!

And a close up:

The image of the fairground horse is from Itkupilli , the borders are Teesha Moore and cassiscreations.
So, one year ago I wrote my first blog post on the advice of my lovely bloggy friend Shelly and began it all with this ATC:

Since then I have made contact with many other arty, bloggy friends from all over the world and have been introduced to some fabulous art. There is some seriously inspirational art out there in cyber space that you are all so willing to share. Every visitor to my blog, and every blog comment makes my day. 117 posts, 80 blog followers and about 15,000 visits WOOP WOOP, er not that I'm counting or anything...........LOL
I am part-way through making a little something as a give-away, to celebrate the occasion but unfortunately I didn't get it finished on time! Story of my life.......always running slightly late for everything. Watch this space....

Shortly after I started blogging I discovered Art Journaling, and if you are a regular visitor to my blog you will know that now it is a major passion of mine. I just LOVE looking back through my art journals. I love the fact that they are mine, that I can take them anywhere (even on holiday) and that I don't have to try and please anyone else with them. It is art with NO RULES :-)

Even in the pre-blogging days I was already well and truly hooked on making and trading ATCs. Here is one I made using a photo of my sister with a wonderful scowl! (the photo is early 1970s)

And another ATC using ecoline inks and a Paper Artsy stamp, as well as some moos:

But sometimes, just sometimes, I make something which is not grungy and inky! Here is a book I made for my sister using the bind-it-all:

Even before I started on this inky, painty, altered journey I used to make things. Anything, I just can't sit still! Watching TV doesn't do anything for me, nor does playing board games. I like to have an end result, something to show for my time. Like this angel:


and this bear:

Ah, it's funny how things change. You don't realise how much until you allow yourself a nostalgic moment, a trip through the archives.
Well, it's been a great year in blogland, looking forward to another one. Thanks to you all for your visits and your comments, you make me :-)


  1. Happy, Happy Blogiversary, Kathryn! Indeed, there are some wonderful artists in cyberspace, and you are one of them!!! Your journal pages are truly inspiring. Here's to many, many more posts and many more works of art! I raise my glass!!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  2. Love the fairground horse page. Know how you feel too! I was thinking about how much time I have spent bloghopping and looking for images to use, thinking that it will soon be a year since I started my art journal, and I decided to stop because it scared me! When I think of all the other things I could have been doing, I might have a tidy house, happy children...But then they wouldn't have such a happy Mummy! Keep up the good work and happy bloggerversary.

  3. A big congrat's to you Kathryn on your blogiversary!! Thanks for your inspiration everyday!! I really enjoyed this post because it shows so many aspects of you!

  4. Happy Blogiversary Kathryn... you do have some fab art on your blog and I hope mine turns out as good as yours... so here's to another year on this artful journey of yours (and ours) and hope to see lots more from you in the future... take care...Kirsti xx

  5. I loved reading this post and seeing your trip down memory lane! You are a very talented lady - you certainly inspire me! I'm just getting into art journaling (not brave enough to share it yet!)
    Your pages are one of my bench marks!
    x x

  6. Happy Blogiversary Kate. I love reading your blog and seeing what you have made. To me, your signature is the stitching around the edge - that's what I think of when I think of your work. Keep it up and long may you have ants in your pants!!!
    Cheers Sue x
    ps Couldn't choose one of your pieces of work - they are all favourite.

  7. happy bloggerversary hun, loving taking a trip through memory lane with you, i love all your creations there stunning, but i know what you mean its lovely to look back and see how your artwork has evolved xxxx

  8. Congratulations on your first year of blogging ... I just arranged for my first year of blog posts to be printed in a book, so I can look back at all my art and events in a hardcover format. I've loved every moment of your blog journey and look forward to the year to come.

  9. Happy Blogaversary Kathryn!!! It's always a pleasure to visit your blog as your work is very inspiring! I love your 'style' and everythings is always so colourful and unique.

    Keep going - your blog is beautiful!

    (I especially love the bear you made!)

    Lesley x

  10. what a wonderful journey! i'm just happy happy happy that we get to see your fabulous artwork on a regular basis. i'm such a fan! happy bloggerversary!

  11. happy blog-iversary to you!! I get plenty of inspiration from your blog, and I love that the blogiverse is a great big community of artists!

  12. Happy bloggerversary to you, happy bloggerversary to you, happy bloggerversary dear Kate, happy bloggerversary to you :)
    Sung loudly and cheerfully :) Loved your trip down memory lane, and your latest journal pages. Will get mine up as soon as they're done LOL!!! Got the cover done today. Have fun at the Harrogate Christmas show tomorrow and I'll see you next week xx

  13. Happy Blogiversary,Kate!! It has and is fun to be following your journey.
    I have loved your art and your blog from the first time I view it.

    Enjoy the day!!

  14. Happy blogaversary !"!!
    wow i can never get enough of your fab work i absolutely love these beauties .. all of them !!
    Hugs June x

  15. Many happy bloggy days ahead. Lovely photo shoot of fab artwork and I love it all !!

  16. I've left you a little something over on my blog.....
    Lesley x

  17. Happy Blogerversary! I have just had an enjoyable browse through your blog, very inspiring, how talented you are! Hope to see you with Sarah on Thursday.


  18. Has it already been over a year (I'm a late poster)??!! Hard to believe. Happy Blogiversary !! Your art rocks !!


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