Monday, 10 November 2008

Helloooooo. Anyone out there?

ATC Love gives you wings, originally uploaded by thekathrynwheel.

Hello fellow bloggers. I figured it was time to start my own blog. If I'm perfectly honest, I spend way too much time blog hopping and if I spent as much time on my art as I did 'researching' on the internet, I'd get a whole lot more done :-) However I come across so much inspirational and interesting stuff!

Today I thought I'd share an ATC with you. I painted the background with the gorgeous new acrylic paints from Claudine Hellmuth (Ranger). I used a chipboard heart with two layers of paint and a bit of crackle glaze sandwiched inbetween to give it a distressed look. I used Tim Holtz stamps and Ideology hardware, and german scrap wings. The rusty wire I got off e-bay (don't you just love e-bay?!)

I love these acrylic paints so much - the colours are fab and so vibrant and rich. I'm a complete colour freak so these really appeal to me. I have been stuck in a red / pink / orange rut recently but I'm sure it will pass eventually .........!

Thanks for dropping by.

Yayyyyy! I blogged!


  1. Hello Kate, welcome to the world of blogging. I'll be sure to visit from time to time ... how exciting is it that you're here. Have fun with it.

  2. Congrats on starting your blog - I love your atc! Diana (another one~)

  3. Yay !!! You've joined the party !! Welcome to blogland. Gorgeous banner and lovely ATC. You know I am a fiend for hearts.

  4. OMG!! I just absolutely dig your gorgeous atc! I am just sooo inspired by looking at your excellent work, do keep it up!!
    Clare :-)

  5. strolled over from Shelly's blog - a comment you left made me think "that person is me"... laundry, ironing and argumentative children... that IS me!!!
    Love your ATC and your blog is lovely - I too have just begun blogging (I was afraid the wagon would leave without me!) take care

  6. Welcome to the world of blogging.
    Your ATC is just gorgeous.

  7. Hi Kate! Wonderful that you have a blog now, too! I will be one of your faithful readers for sure :o) I just love the art you create, you are so talented! Still wanting to do a trade with you again eventually, I need to get working on some cards so I'll have something to offer you LOL.
    Best wishes and have fun with this!

  8. Wow Kate this is totally brilliant.
    Unbelievable piece of art. Love them.

  9. Nice to see you blogging now and not only on Flickr! Great blog design, and I love your painted ATC - welcome to blog world!

  10. Love the atc!!! Gorgeous....texture, colour, rusty stuff, what more could one want!

  11. Your ATC is gorgeous, just like everything else you create. Thanks for inspiring us!

  12. Look at had 11 comments on your first blog posting...someone was listening!


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