Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Altered Heart

Altered Heart, originally uploaded by thekathrynwheel.

Hello again. Thanks to all the lovely people who came to visit my blog and even left me a comment :-)))) It's good to know I'm not just bouncing around cyberspace on my own.......LOL!

I just love to alter things - it's a compulsion - I can't help it. I'm always looking at things thinking hmmmmmmmm what if........? Or if I just add a little bit here or there................. Well this heart came attached to something I ordered from Art from the Heart (check out my sidebar - the web address is there. You want it you know you do!) It came beautifully wrapped with this little heart attached and yes, it's tiny, about 1" across. Originally it was plastic and red. Cute, but it was just asking for a little extra...... I collaged it with some very old french text, painted it (with my Claudine Hellmuth acrylics of course)and then dipped it in UTEE in my NEW meltpot. The bubbles are kind of accidental but I like accidents - they add character ha ha ha ha :-))))) Now I NEED some more hearts to alter.

Must go, real work calls. Until the next time....


  1. The heart looks amazing! Much better than boring old red plastic. You have the magical touch, my friend! Everything you, even the simplest of projects, are always stunning.
    Keep altering away!

  2. Oops! The line should say "everything you DO is stunning". I hate making mistakes when I type LOL. We need to be able to edit our comments :o)

  3. I keep visiting your blog to look at the amazing background on your heart ATC from the previous post ... this is the quality I'd like to create. It's beautiful, can't stop checking it out.

  4. Beautiful piece! Amazing result with the Utee, it really adds depth to it.

  5. This is def a blog i will follow - lovely work


    Vron xx

  6. Welcome to blog land!! Love the stuff you have shown so far!


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