Friday, 20 November 2009

More journaling and a day out.

Busy, busy week but I have managed to squidge in a little play time :-)  Here's a journal page I started a while ago while I was on holiday. I didn't have much arty stuff with me but I managed to create a background with neocolours and add a main image from Lisa's altered art and some other bits from Teesha Moore and Cassiscreations. After a heated phone call one day, I added some text over the mouth and made this page as a reminder to myself to keep my cool and to keep my MOUTH SHUT!
Another page using an image from Lisa's Altered Art:

And a page I finally got round to finishing. This was part of my on-line class with Nancy Baumiller where I have learned a lot about backgrounds, lettering and making funny people! I am also working on A4 size here which is huge for me and taking me well out of my comfort zone! This still isn't 'me' yet - it's very much Nancy's style (I guess that's what happens when you take a class!) but in time I think I will take these new techniques and make them my own. It's a fab class and Nancy will be doing it again in the spring.

I actually had a day out yesterday *gasp*. I rarely have a day off on my day off if you see what I mean. I went  to The Stamp Man and met up with Sarah from the Art of Moodling blog. Jill and Ian of The Stamp Man were very kind to us as we mooched around their shop for hours, stroking everything LOL! And Ian was very patient with us as we took over his packing table with our art work! Jill showed us all of her lovely samples in the shop that she has made and I got to see Sarah's lovely lovely art in the flesh. The backgrounds in her art journal are stunning and I have come home feeling inspired :-)  I also did a little spending in the shop.....oops.
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  1. Oh Kate, you're so generous! I think I got the long end of the stick as it were! I got to stroke your beautiful leather journal, and ooo and ahhh over all those yummy pages :) And see ATCs in the flesh - your colours are so bright and clean. Not blogged my day yet, but will do later :)

  2. Kate I am loving all of these. I know what you mean about our work looking like the person who is teaching. But I think slowly we begin to incorporate the things we like about their work into our own style.

    Sounds like you had a great day, we so need days like that.

    Have a great weekend!!

  3. Wow they are fabulous... I can't beleive how beautiful they are...Brilliant...x

  4. I'm sooo happy that you had an awesome day yesterday! Sounds like you had a lot of fun and a good friend to share it with made it all the more special. Your journal pages are scrumptious. Hugs, Terri xoxo

    PS - I adore the first page!

  5. Love these new pages darling and your day out sounded FAB !!!! xxx

  6. Your pages are amazing Kathryn as always! Don't you just loooove to art shopping and playing?!! Glad you had a day off! Have a great weekend!

  7. Awesome is the word that springs to mind! I so love looking at your journal pages. I'm getting braver, I have journaled (on clean white pages!) for years, so I'm loving adding colour in the form of paint and colage tentative though it may be just are inspirational.

  8. Had a browse through some of your older posts - your new journal pages absolutely reflect your style but are also bursting with energy

  9. Your visit with Sarah was making feel a bit sheepish as I realized it's been ages since I stopped by to say hello.

    Isn't she just the sweetest?! I miss her so much, but have plans to come over to the UK in spring of 2010, so not too long from now. Already have a tour of people to meet up with, so will put you on the list!

    Lovely work as always and I promise to do my best and stop by a bit more often!

  10. I've been having blog challenges and may be able to see the art but not leave a comment. I adore your pages and am glad you're still finding ways to stretch yourself. Keep well and I'll check in again soon.

  11. WOW A4! That is huge! Well done for going outside your comfort zone and in such a spectacular way!

    Sounds like you had a fab day out too!
    Lesley x

  12. WOW I love all these great pieces!

  13. You are so awesome,love your art work. Brings a huge smile to my face, need that now been so sick.
    That is why have not been viewing your amazing blog I love !
    Hugs, Laura.
    Can't wait to see what is next !!


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