Tuesday, 25 August 2009

So, here is a finished journal page (you may have seen just the background in a previous post). In the end I took very few supplies with me on my hols - just neocolours, felt tips, a white gel pen and some black marker pens. Very restrained don't you think?! I think because of this I got quite into doodling with the resources I had. I also got quite into the physical process of actually writing. It's dying art, everyone seems to e-mail and text these days and it's almost become a new language. Don't get me wrong - I survive by e-mail and I'm a text maniac - but recently I have enjoyed the writing side of things. (Don't feel you have to read the small print by the way, it's probably drivel fueled by a little too much French Vino Rose LOL)
Now for something completely different.......

I can't sit still for even two minutes let alone two hours on a plane. Some people relax by doing nothing but I relax by doing something. I'm also not particularly happy to be at 30,000 feet in the air and by doodling on the plane I can almost ignore the nagging worry that the plane is about to drop right out of the sky. The best thing about doing this on the plane was the inquisitive looks I got from other adults as if to say...what on earth is a grown women doing with a pack of felt tips on a plane?! Ha ha ha, but English decorum and stiff upper lip means people daren't ask! It wasn't actually that easy to do on the plane - I swear we had a trainee pilot.
Now, onto the French wine. What's a girl to do when they sell it for 1 Euro a litre like this? It's almost as cheap as water!

Just a couple more of my holiday pics. Do you like my collection of sea glass? All collected from one beach in a very short space - I've never seen so much sea glass before. My husband wasn't that happy about me bringing it home ('But what do we need it for?') so I ditched the shampoo and shower gel and snuck it into my wash bag. Ah well, he'll appreciate it when he sees it in our house......er...maybe....

And finally, a typical view of the area of France we went to:

Byee for now


  1. what great journal pages and sea glass! love your journaling, too! so glad you had a wonderful time!

  2. Ha ha , I am the same and have to journal on the plane. And you are right no-one dare ask what you are doing they just look at you funny...!!! Loving your pages x

  3. The journal pages are great - very inspiring! love the 30,000 feet one with all the colour. And I agree, you just GOTTA enjoy a glass of wine (or two) at that price!

  4. I love the finished journal page and what you created on the plane is gorgeous. We live on the Gold Coast (yep, lots of beaches) and we get no sea glass ... that's right kilometres and kilometres of beach and zero sea glass. I would have done the same as you to get it in the bag home.

  5. I love your art work and your blog. I've always wanted to do an art journal and your blog is full of inspiration.
    Lesley x

  6. Oh I LOVE that doodled page, so full of colour and different images :) And there's no way you could have left such a fantastic collection of sea glass


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