Wednesday, 26 August 2009

More Completed Journal Pages....

Here's another completed journal fuelled by a little more French Vino Rose and completed on the sun terrace of our hired house at about 10 pm, still about 80 degrees. And yes, we did really see a shooting star but my husband and I both saw this one together and it was really really bright. Ah, of course I made a wish 'cos I do believe that wishes come true sometimes :-) 
This year on holiday, I was really struck by just how different two neighbouring countries can be and I spent a lot of time pondering on this. My wicked sense of humour is evident here too because every day people on the beach got caught out by the tide and every day I thought this was hilarious hee hee. (Why don't people just pick up their towels and move? Why do they wait for the inevitable to happen?!)
So, recently I have quite got into the physical process of actually writing because I don't seem to do it much anymore. I had neat handwriting drilled into me at Primary School - I distinctly remember doing handwriting practice every day before lunch at school....getting ascenders and descenders up and down at the right height etc etc and I always liked doing it. Even now I'm naturally quite neat and I have to try and break that mould every now and then because in my art work I would like to be LESS neat and tidy. Really, I LIKE grunge. But anyway, I kind of ran out of things to write about in my journal temporarily, so I decided to write out the words of my favourite song. HA HA! Did you ever do this as a teenager? I had note books full of song lyrics. In some ways I haven't grown up at all. 42, and still writing out words of pop songs LOL! I'm also trying to break a habit, or the need, to make every page to be a work of art. I suppose it doesn't need to be and I don't always have something deep and meaningful to write about. Sometimes I feel like being trite :-))
I only had a small pack of neocolours with me on my hols to create this but I stamped the heart (a Blonde Moments stamp from at home beforehand. Creating this page also gave me an excuse to put my i-pod on for a short while on holiday and shut out the demands for a bit. Any Mums out there will know what I mean..........!!!
I have some French Flea Market Postcards to share soon so keep an eye out. Bye for now.


  1. Love them all babe, and as you know most of my journals are full of utter crap, but so is life lmao. And whats wrong with writing out words to pop songs ( except the word pop makes us sound really old. You should change it to " da lyrics of da chunes" x
    word verification is trimatum..!! Do you think it is trying to tell ,e something..!!! pmsl.

  2. Gorgeous pages again Kate! you are so talented. I like your song lyric page... have you heard of a guy called Jack Savoretti - music and lyrics are fab - he could be your next favourite!

  3. I like these Kate, and I like the idea of not having all the journal pages works of art!! I like to write, but I also like color on my pages. And writing out song lyrics is really a neat thing to do - sometimes you run across one that has great words - like poetry put to music!!

  4. :) Thanks for becoming a follower on my blog :) Love these pages, look great with the writing, very arty. And journals are our playtime so you can write anything girl!!!!

  5. You're on a roll and I can't wait to see your flea market finds ... we don't have enough of them in Oz. As always, love your journalling pages and I have the opposite issue, my writing's terribly uneven and messy.

  6. Ha ha! Was wondering whether to own up to you yesterday that I had been given the James Morrison album,and that I really like it, but seeing as P and co. all think it terribly uncool, I kept it to myself! I've got another album to lend you though if you haven't got it already Jose Gonzales? P.S. Love the pages, I was priming new pages at 1am least night!


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