Thursday, 27 August 2009

Flea Market Finds and a blog award!

I love nothing better than a rummage in an old flea market! One person's rubbish is another person's treasure. I was ecstatic this summer when I found a very old french railway timetable for sale, just perfect for ripping up, collaging and painting on :-)  The french man behind the stall clearly could not understand why a mad English woman wanted an old french railway timetable when she couldn't even speak french! 
Anyway here are a few postcards that I found. Feel free to download these and use them in your art. I have posted these in their original quality but with a little tinkering about with your photo editing programme (I like Google Picasa for this) you can get these much better quality for your art very easily. No need to link back to me but if you do use them I'd love to see what you get up to.
This little cutie is my favourite:
Hmmm. He looks a bit serious but she's trying to smile......
Nice costume:
And I've got a few more to share once I get them scanned.
And finally, a blog award for me off the wonderfully talented and creative Marsha aka Tumblefish. Thanks sooooo much Marsha, I really appreciate this. I've said it before and I'll say it again,
I LOVE blog awards :-)))))
Have a look at Marsha's blog here for inspiration and to see some seriously original art. Marsha is a hugely talented artist and I'm hounoured that she chose me for this award.
Now I have to hand it on to some others which is the really tricky bit. goes:
Dyan because Dyan is a great source of inspiration and also because I want to see if she can put it on her blog! Come on Dyan, you've done it before and you can do it again!
2 Sarah my local crafty buddy and partner in crime who is getting more and more into mixed media creations
3 Diana my lovely Australian on-line bloggy friend who has mastered more techniques than anyone else I know!
4 Mary who produces some fantastic colourful journal pages and more recently abstract painting

And finally, thanks to Sarah (Mucky Pup) and Diana for sending me Punchinella / sequin waste after my recent disaster when I lost my one and only piece. Thanks girls :-) Now I can paint happily again. Don't you just love blogland?
Bye for now.......


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  2. Those postcard images are fab. Thanks so much for sharing :) Will put them on my ever increasing list of 'immediate things to play with' ;)

    ps last post removed cos of spelling mistake, sorry!!

  3. ooh you are blogging mad at the moment girl. Love the images, maybe a challenge is in the air. Forgot to tell Ben you had won some goodies, email your address and I,ll post them out for you. And I accept your challenge you cheeky mare, lmao. xx

  4. I love going through flea and antique markets! The little one in the fur coat is my fav too!

    Kate, thank you for the blog award, you are so sweet to think of me.

  5. I can totally understand why you want the old French railway timetable, I would have had that in my hand in seconds. The postcards are great ... I just bought some cabinet cards and tintypes from the US and they're great too ... might upload onto my blog for others to use also. Thanks for the award gorgeous, I'm going away crafting all weekend, so will post when I get back ... and you are more than welcome for the punchinella, I've got loads of it.


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