Sunday, 12 July 2009

5 days to go....

5 days to go till we break up from school for the summer hols of course! Yippee! Can't wait :-)
Anyway, here's a journal page I did in my gorgeous little leather journal about a great British institution - a cup of tea.

This page grew out of a journaling class I did with Dyan where we were encouraged to get writing in our journals. Dyan assured us that whatever we wrote it wouldn't change her opinion of us. I felt reassured by this, but then, I asked for a spoon of sugar in my tea. YOU COULD HAVE HEARD A PIN DROP. You would have thought I just confessed to murder! So, although I could have written anything down that day, it was the sugar in my tea that changed Dyan's opinion of me HA HA HA!
But this is what I associate hot sweet tea with:
1 Going on holiday when I was a litle girl and getting up early and sneaking into my Grandad's bedroom. He used to tiptoe out and make me a cup of hot sweet tea in a blue plastic cup :-)
2 The moment after giving birth when you finally have a little bundle in one hand and a cup of sweet tea in the other.
3 Recovering from a sickness bug, when you haven't eaten for days but you can manage a cup of sweet tea.

Tea without sugar just doesn't do it for me.

Anyway, lookie what I found. A farmer with a sense of humour!

Click on the pic for a closer view. I pass this every day on my way to work and it makes me smile :-)
Bye for now


  1. Aww its only cos we think youre sweet enough honey..!! Cool journal page. Journaling about the seemingly mundane is so much more satisfying. And who am I to talk with my half a pint of cream in each mug of tea..??? Well you're only thin once, lmao xx

  2. Your journal pages are stunning. I love how you bring the everyday into them. I love the farmer's sense of humour too ...

  3. Love your journal page :0
    I am a tea lover too, I don't drink coffee, just tea, but I don't take sugar these days, I used too, but weaned myself off it.

  4. Ah, so you are a rebel when it comes to tea etiquette ?!!! You'd be right at home here in the South. Sweet tea is a way of life. Guzzled by the gallons during hot summer months.
    Love the journal page. The girl looks mischievous, too !! Wonderful colors as always.

    And hey, HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!
    Extra sugar in that tea today.
    Cool farmer in the neighborhood.


  5. What a great little story! You made me giggle out loud. I must confess, brace yourself, I don't like tea and I don't like America's holy coffee either. My taste buds are like those of a 5 year old I fear. I do like slightly sweet iced tea very much so I totally celebrate your gorgeous work here! Oh you are a bigger muse in my art life than you know!

    I think your term is over - are you still alive? Did the wine and chocolate pull you through the big finish? Enjoy your time off!

  6. Just visiting to see if you were about to take up Dy's Queen challenge as I reckon she has scared everyone off .... anyway saw this page and laughed - it's fab! I also made a page after that day but will have to show you rather than writing for the world to see!


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