Friday, 10 July 2009

More zetti!

Yayy! I'm having a zetti phase. Double Yayy! Marion is having a zetti swap! Have a look at Marion's lovely blog here.
The swap is 3/3 but I've only done one of mine so far. I used an inky, salted background I made a while ago, and of course a Teesha Moore one-eyed head. Love it! Embrace the weird :-) I also got to use my new water soluble crayons LOVE LOVE LOVE.
So one down, two to go. I'm enjoying doing these zetti ATCs - for me this is art for art's sake and nothing wrong with that. At the moment we're winding up to the end of term. I'd like to say winding down but OH NO, I'm preparing the school show for next week. This afternoon I'm having a dress rehearsal with 120 excited 9-11 year olds. Just as well I've got wine and chocolate in the fridge for later............
Now, does anyone know why my own computer won't let me onto my own blog? Grrrrrr. It keeps shutting me down and I may have to take a sledgehammer to the computer before long. It's the only solution. We ran a virus check the other day and found 9 trojan viruses CAN U BELIEVE IT? Where's Macafee when you need it?
Bye for now


  1. Love your first one - and you´re absolutely right: The fun thing with Zettis is that there´s no right or wrong!

  2. Absolutely wonderful image! Sounds like your're a busy girl...hope you enjoyed the chocolate and wine!
    Julie from the US

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  4. You are so creative! I totally love the weird image, love the colours and the witty caption you've used. Just great.

  5. Glad the viruses have gone cos they wouldnt let me open your blog for more than about 10 seconds - had to read very quickly earlier in the week - now I can be slow again ;o)
    Hope the school show goes well

  6. Your zetti's are wonderful, you're really making the style your own and I love it. We've been having cyber trouble too, I haven't been able to open an internet browser for days.

  7. Hi Kate! I love your Zetti! I am participating in the swap too and decided today is the day (I hope) to get started - thanks for the inspiration here! You've set the bar!

    Hope your computer settles down. My internet frequently shuts down mid-comment when I am blog visiting so I understand the frustration. It doesn't do it unless I am blog visiting for some reason. I'll share your sledgehammer. Glad you can at least get on my blog now - that had me worried. I'm off to peek some more here. Hope you are surviving the big finish at school!


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