Tuesday, 16 June 2009


Hmmm.....not sure if I like this. I started off with good intentions but somehow this journal page has turned into a neon cartoon of a page. And it's a serious subject too, not supposed to be flippant. Sometimes when I create art it seems effortless and things just come together and sometimes it takes ages, nothing seems right and then I'm still not happy with it once it's finished. Ah well, I will share with you the good, the bad and the ugly.
I wanted to a page in my diary journal about Swine Flu (Mexican Flu) because it arrived at a school in our town last week. It seems incredible that something that seemed so far away at first has travelled so fast. I used images from Paperstreet, Lisa's Altered Art and the public domain, on Claudine Hellmuth acrylics. I painted the swirls and circles freehand, wrote the text with a sharpie and then painted inside the letters. I can't deny it's got a touch of the Teesha Moore about it (don't know Teesha Moore? Check out her blog in my sidebar) although I hasten to add I am not putting myself in the same artistic category as Teesha - she is a marvel! Maybe that's why I found the page hard to complete because I'm trying out someone else's style......
Ok, must be off. I'm supposed to be writing a magazine article but I'm procrastinating.....


  1. Well, of course we are always our own worst critics - I think the page works just fine:), and yes I can spot Teesha's influences...

    I was rather shocked to read in the paper the other week that The World Health Organisation has said that the newly mutated H1N1 virus is not found in pigs (maybe the Mexican's didn't want it known as Mexican Flu) Anyway, this was obviously not known in Egypt where they have ordered the Cull of hundreds of thousands of pigs!

  2. Stop being so hard on yourself girlie, I think its fabby as usual..xx

  3. Hi Miss Kate! Well, I love your pages despite your doubts and the seriousness of your intentions. It is okay to love the artistic communication of fears or social/worldly issues. The art is still there, can still be appreciated. Sometimes the artist's words give you the context for the piece, just as yours did, and that makes all the difference for the viewer. Lovely work! (and Teesha better watch out!)

    I love the crowns below too! They are gorgeous inchies. Maybe you like numbers so much so you can choose some lucky lottery numbers for me! I love numbers too - they seem to hint at some top secret code for all the answers in life or something.

    Spectacular work, as always. You are one talented lady!


  4. It's a well done page. The Zetti definitely shines through and nicely at that, not overdone. We always feel thrown off when trying a novel technique. Like we wrote with the opposite hand. :-)

    Pandemics just prove that this really is a small world. Swine flu made it here to Louisiana, too, and the mayor of New Orleans was recently quarantined in China because he was on a flight that had a passenger who tested positive for it !!

    Have a great weekend.


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