Sunday, 17 May 2009

Look at my Moos!

Ah, finally I got round to ordering my very own Mini Moos. Aren't they just cute? I love them and luckily for me the website is a dream to use. Anyone who trades with me in the near future will be getting one of these babies! Get your own here: Really, you wouldn't think such a small thing could bring me such pleasure but it does :-)))
A while ago I was browsing on Etsy, as you do, and came across something that was soooo gorgeous I really had to have one. Sometimes if you want something soooo much it becomes a need. I asked myself 'Do I just want this or do I need it?' (I must try to remember to ask myself the same question when I am reaching in the biscuit jar for the third digestive...) and I decided that in this case it was a need. All the way from La Paperie in Canada:

I love it so much, everything about it - the smell, the stitching, the hand torn pages, the button. I am supposed to be waiting until my birthday for this but that isn't until July so I need to think of a VERY good reason why I MUST HAVE THIS NOW! I'm going to fill it with thoughts, ramblings, images, paint, cuttings etc etc etc but right now I am happy just to stroke it and sniff it. Have a look here

I have just one more week left of working full-time and then I will go back to my part time hours. I see some serious playtime ahead!


  1. Hi, This hand made journal is beautiful. It will be something you will chersh for years to come. It was something that was defintly needed. Only your special drawings, paintings, and more will be kept in this safe place. What a wonderful find. Your moo cards are cute.

  2. Need, pah! Who cares about that! No point in working so hard if you can't treat yourself from time to time. What about a little bit of what you fancy does you good? I am very jealous, it is absolutely gorgeous. Enjoy!

  3. Hi Kate! Well, I can see why you couldn't wait. That is called taking care of yourself, when you get something that brings you so much joy. You deserve it!

    Thanks for your visit. I'll be mailing your piece this week. I have to think of some good goodies to send along with it.

    I love the moos! I might think about doing this too. I've been sending postcards but they take so much ink and time to print and cut. This might be a fun alternative.

    Hope you have a great week!

  4. OMG, those moos are gorgeous. I'd love to do another trade with you, your ATCs are favourites in my collection. Will have to make you something super special if you're interested. Congrats on less work more play.

  5. I just adore the smell of leather and I love love love your new journal. Jealous - who me naaah!!! Enjoy every page of it - what a treat.
    Hugs Sue
    PS your moos are fantastic - I keep thinking I must get myself some but never seem to get round to it.

  6. Hi Kate! Can you email me and confirm your address? Email me at Thank you!


  7. That is beautiful, can just about smell the leather! I would find it hard to use it, would just want to look at it and feel it!!

  8. Kathryn I have purchased one of Beverly's journals too. They are beautiful!!

    Enjoy it!!!

    Oh, did you change the color of your blog background?? I keep going back and forth between a white and black background. I like the black, but think things are easier to read on the white.



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