Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait (sometimes...)

OMG! Blogger is confusing me today (it doesn't take much...) All my pictures are showing up as computer burble talk instead of thumbnail pictures so I don't know where each picture begins and ends. Hmmm. Is it just me?
Anyway, I digress. Here's my latest journal page which I titled 'good things come to those who wait' and sometimes I believe this, I really, really do. However I am a bag of contradictions and at other times I think you have to get out there and grab what is duly and rightly yours. However, recently, good things have come my way without me searching for them so at the moment this is how I feel (it may be different next week in which case I will do another another journal page. Ha!)
I used these lovely girls from Lisa's altered art:

And these gorgeous legs (gotta love those boots)

Bye for now.............
P.S. You may have noticed I now have my name on my pics. Why? Because a very good friend of mine who just happens to be an art teacher has spotted mixed media work popping up in students' GCSE coursework lifted directly from the internet. Sheesh! What's the world coming to? And what's more she spotted one of mine! Hey, if my work is good enough for a GCSE I want the the certificate!


  1. i'm happy you put your name on your work. it's sad when people take credit for something someone else did. so glad you uncovered it! love love your new journal page!

  2. Love this spread!... sorry to hear about the pilphering!

  3. Little plagarists !! Unbelievable that you've been copied.
    This is an exceptional page. Your acrylic work is great and I love the collaged images of the children.

  4. lol ... laughing at your gcse ...
    fab work Kate !

  5. Hi Kate! This is so lovely! I love collages with groups of people and I know how challenging they are so this is very impressive work in that alone! But the colors are also beautiful and everything pulled together perfectly. I just adore it.

    What's a GCSE? I was putting my name on my work for awhile, then I quit for some reason. Now I'm thinking of adding it again. One thing I do on my blog is I link my pictures to my blog so that if anyone left clicks it, they don't get the larger version. And, I don't allow "all sizes" on flickr or anyone to download or blog link my work. They can still copy from flickr I know but it won't be the best quality. Anyway, it stinks when someone takes your hard work - hope karma works like they say.

    I think I might have a fish piece almost done for you! Finally! It's not as cute as yours but I like her. Have a bit more to do and hope to load it tomorrow. I'll let you know!

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Hi Kate! I've been hopping around looking for cool blogs, and I came across you!! Your stuff is really great. I love how you incorporate sewing into a lot of your pieces. I used to do that a lot more. Now it makes me want to do it again. Thank you for the inspiration!!!!

  7. This journal page is stunning. I've been adding stitching to some of my work lately but my sewing machine's not liking it much. I can totally understand why people want to plagiarise your work, it's fantastic (not that it's acceptable). Look forward to seeing some journal pages from your new acquisition ... after July of course.


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