Saturday, 23 May 2009

Kissy kissy

You won't be surprised to know that this litle creation has taken me about a week to do. I picked the image out first, then I wasn't sure if I liked it (i don't usually go for 'cute' stuff) and then I wasn't sure what to do with it. If you think this is bad you should see me in a shoe shop trying to decide which shoes to buy. Ha! Anyway, I settle on my usual acrylic paints, then stamped on it with various mediums, splashed a bit more paint on and added a little stitching. Here's a close-up:

Anyway, after a gruelling but satisfying 6 months I have finished a stint of working full time WOOP WOOP!! I love my job, really I do, but trying to that as well as give my own kids the attention they deserve, play the occasional gig with the ceilidh band I'm in, keep up with running my craft workshops, write the odd magazine article and then try to find time to play with my craft things and make a big mess has been difficult and very tiring. And don't get me going about keeping the house clean, doing the shopping, ironing, cooking, washing bla bla bla. So, now it's half term. A chance to recover a little and wait for my creative head to come back before I return to work part-time.
I spent the first day of my half term gardening and just for the record I HATE GARDENING. I do it twice a year- once in the spring and once in the autumn and in the meantime the garden just has to look after itself :-) Funny, i don't mind being covered in a layer of gel medium, paint and ink but I seriously dislike soil under my fingernails!


  1. oh my gawd...well i think we were created from the SAME mold miss kate. i hate dirty fingers with anything except art supplies. why is that? how does that happen? well i for one love the fact that you may have some more free time for art!
    can't wait to see all the goodies you come up with. love this latest piece.

  2. Very nice. You think that's bad, we spent four hours at the allotment yesterday and still haven't tackled the garden...All this fine weather is great, but kind of makes me feel guilty about going to sit at my desk!

  3. Congrats on finishing full time work and being able to get into your groove again. Love the stamps on your creations lately, they're gorgeous.

  4. Hi miss Kate! I don't like dirty fingernails either. or mud or dirt. The only studio art I didn't take in college was ceramics because I couldn't stand the feel of dry clay goo on my hands!

    I love that you are going to have more time to do what you want when you want to. I feel relieved for you! This piece you have finished here is so lovely and leaves me selfishly wanting more, more, more from you!

    I received your fish piece in the mail Saturday. I took a quick peek and put it back in the envelope to enjoy later, thinking I would pack it and bring it with me. We were standing in line at the airport when I realized I left sitting on my desk. So, thank you for the lovely package that I peeked at! I will enjoy knowing it is there for me to thoroughly inspect and savor when I get home!

    Thanks for your good wishes. I'll be checking in off and on. Enjoy your new freedoms!


  5. yes it is you! hihi! nice award this one!!!

    no, hair dye!!! i started turning gray at 26!!!! and i dyed my hair this morning too! hihi! great minds....

    xox t

    follower of my blog? i'm drawing a name at the end of the week, pressie!

  6. Hurray !!!! You are finished with the school term. Sooooo happy for you. I know you will enjoy your messing about time now.
    Kissy Kissy is fabulous. The image is sweet and you color work and stitching as always is sublime.
    Love the moos, too. Save me a few !!

  7. I know exactly what you´re talking about when it comes to cute stuff - but your arch is so beautiful, and you´ve put the image to really good use! Love to have it in my collection now, thank you so much! (hopy you received my flickr mail ...)


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