Wednesday, 15 April 2009

In the Doll's House......

So here's an altered matchbox I made for a swap. I have never altered a matchbox before so this was a first for me. It's tiny and really fiddly to do - the box measures just 5.5 x 3.5 cm! I collaged the cards and box first using some old text and then painted over it with Ranger dabbers. I added all sorts of images and bits of texts - everything from crows to butterflies to fish - before finally adding the doll images. My hands were covered with a lethal layer of gel medium and paint, hmmmmmm, it took some scrubbing off. Looking at this photo I think these flowers look a bit too pink - I might have to get my distress inks out and tone them down a bit.
These are the 5 cards that are inside the box:
I'm not sure if these are finished yet. I may add a little stitching or even a layer of my favourite.........beeswax...............I'll see. I do think these old dolls are quite sinister, in the same way that clowns and masks can also be sinister. With these dolls it's something to do with the I covered them up. I used to like dolls when I was younger but then I read about Amelia Jane by Enid Blyton - the story of the naughty doll who comes to life in the nursery and gets up to all sorts of mischief. That book gave me nightmares for years.

Inside the matchbox I also have to include a surprise for the recipient but I can't show you that or it wouldn't be a surprise would it?!
Bye for now.


  1. I love the idea of altering a matchbox. I must have a go before the next journal day. Hopefully I'll be able to show you and see what you think! If I dare.

    See you then

  2. I think this is just an amazing set, Kate. I love the dolls and the words over their eyes. It is brilliant, well planned, and lovely! Applause from me!

  3. i love this little altered art!!! i'm all into dinky things, i love little treasures :-)
    you did a really well on this one! i agree about the pink flowers and i love where you but the butterfly on the one doll.

    xox tanya

  4. Wow, fantastic work !! I dig those cards inside. The dolls definitely have a slightly dark appeal. The text adds the perfect touch.


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