Monday, 13 April 2009

Easter Greetings

As you can see I'm still having a bit of a Corey Moortgat moment! I think this journal page says it all and no further explanation is needed from me.......... I will journal on it a bit more but hey!, I can't share EVERYTHING with you now can I?! I used Claudine's acrylics on some fab old text that Dyan gave me. I love it and I have used every scrap! I added my fave image from Lisa's altered arts, then a few satisfying splats with a paintbrush and my signature stitching.
And I'll leave you with a few pics from our family days out over Easter, all taken within a few miles of my home. Firstly a folly - a druid's temple built by the Victorians:

And now the real McCoy: the ruins of an Abbey:

And finally, silly pigeon! Don't know how long this nest will last - built in the wall of the abbey:

all taken in unusually glorious sunshine (last Easter I sat with my family watching a football match in the snow!)
By the way, did you notice my new e-mail button on my side bar? I got it here: Susie is so generous; she designs these things and then gives them away free on her blog. Check it out!
Happy Easter Monday everyone.


  1. there are days i feel exactly like how that girl looks!! she made me smile~ i also love the pictures of the druid ruins, it so cool to have that history close to you, we have nothing that old on this side of the pond.

  2. thats how I feel all the time - excellent Journal piece - this would make a great canvas piece too.

  3. Hi Kate!

    Oh my, what a lucky girl you are to live such a beautiful magical place! Well I just really came by to tell you again how much I love your latest piece. You sew better than I can draw. You are so talented and make such beautiful pieces.

    I did get your message. I am so behind! Maybe we can work out a trade for the piece you mentioned or I would love to purchase it. What a delight it would be to have a piece of your work! I'll message you later today or tomorrow - trying to get something in the mail that has to be at its destination 2 days from now, so I am harried!

    Thank you Kate!

  4. The last time we were there was when Charlie broke her arm - hope your crew survived unscathed! Did you go for an ice-cream at Brymor after? See you at Ally Pally on Saturday! P.S. Have finally got around to adding to my blog too!

  5. Oh, bliss, you live near ruins ?!! How amazing !! Thanks for sharing those excellent pics.
    Your journal page is very poignant. The Moortgart book makes you ponder, doesn't it?
    Great work.


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