Saturday, 28 February 2009

A work in progress.........

Some time ago I was browsing through the very beautiful 'Take Flight' by Kelly Rae Roberts when I caught sight of a paragraph that struck such a chord with me. For as long as I can remember I have felt that one day someone will find out that I am not as good as they think I am; it applies to my my everything. I have internalised this all my life so I found it reassuring that I am not the only one who feels like this. I looked it up on Wikepedia and there it was in black and white IMPOSTER SYNDROME. (It didn't come as a complete surprise to find out it applies to mainly women, that men don't feel this!) Until I read Kelly Rae's book I had no idea that anyone else felt like this. (If you've got the book have a look - it's on page 32). So, of course I had to do a journal page about it. This page isn't finished yet - it's a work in progress but it has come to a temporary halt so I thought I would share it in it's current state for now. Why the pink flamingoes? Because pink flamingoes are not really pink; they are only pink because of the shell fish that they eat. IMPOSTERS!
And now a big shout out to Aauumm. Yesterday I had a load of hits on my blog from Eastern Europe - unusual for me. I couldn't work it out until I followed a link back to Aauumm's Russian blog where she had put my eyeball ATC. Of course I couldn't read a word of it because it was all in Russian ha ha! HELLO EUROPE!
One more sleep till I go to Dy's place at to do some more art journaling.
And tonight I am going to see the ABBA tribute band Bjorn Again YAYY!........'Waterloo, I was defeated you won the la la la'.......................
Byeeeeeeeeeeeee for now


  1. Awesome page !!!!! Love the colors and background. Great symbolic image . . . and had forgotten that about the flamingos color. So what color are they? Does anyone really know?
    We all feel like posers at some point. You are definitely not alone.
    Great work.
    Hope you had a blast at "Abba".

  2. I love this page- great colors and texture going on! I also love the flamingo symbolism, and I know exactly how you feel; I have that feeling quite a lot myself- I'll have to go look it up.

  3. The journal page is fantastic, I love the flamingoes, the zetti-ish portrayal and the symbolism. I'll have to go and check Kelly Rae Roberts book, I'd sort of glanced through it and was planning to read (and apply) it this year ... still got 10 months to go ... right!

  4. loving your work babe. Kelly's book is such an inspiration to us all I think. Looking forward to tomorrow, wear a rain mac I am still all snot and tears lol xx

  5. Kate, I think we all have these little 'things' about ourselves. I'm having a 'jack of all trades' neurosis at the moment. We are all only human, but believe me, you are fab at all those things you worry about...

  6. I wish I could go to another Art Journal workshop with Dy but unfortunately she is just a little too far away...sigh....x


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