Thursday, 26 February 2009


Hee hee hee I just love this Paper Artsy stamp. It's a little bit freaky, a little bit cartoonish and a little bit 'Doctor Who'. (For those of you who may not know, Doctor Who is a British cult TV programme about a time travelling doctor who encounters all sorts of weird creatures).
So, this is an ATC I managed to squeeze into my hectic week, just for the sake of it. Art for art's sake. I started with an inky background then added one of my fave number background stamps by Paper Artsy. Then I added the image. At this point I really didn't like it and it nearly went into the bin. This is not unusual for me and I have been known to retrieve things from the bin the next day and carry on working on them at a later date. Sometimes they have even picked up a few scratches and bin-type marks along the way but it all adds to the character. (Hee hee hee - you'll think of this and wonder what those little marks are if you ever swap ATCs with me!)

I added my usual bit of stitching and then some words which I cut from my best ever purchase from a second hand book store - 'The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations'.
Now off for some shut-eye. Tomorrow I face something that most teachers dread - LESSON OBSERVATION. Yikes! I must do my best to look like super-teacher even if it is Friday morning and I am already worn out by the first four days of the week. Never mind, got a day of journaling to look forward to with Dy at on Sunday :-)
Ciao for now.........................


  1. Love the card, Kate! That's quite an interesting stamp you've used! Whatever kind of creature it is, it's having a bad hair day LOL.

  2. i like the atc!!!! and i do rembember dr who hihi! the old episodes... as a kid i watched that and star trek hih!

    stay cool and your day will go well! once a good teacher always a good teacher! i never used to let it freak me out! i just carried on my class like nobody else was there!

    xox tanya

  3. Just love that atc!! I stock Paper Artsy but not that stamp as I too thought it was a bit weird. Fantastic job you've done with it.
    hugs sue x

  4. The card's great Kate, the colours are wonderful as well as the stitching and words ... you really know how to get the composition right.

  5. This is one cool card, bin marks and all. I cannot help see a correlation between the large, obtrusive eyeball and the Lesson Observation that you would have had on Friday. Art is a manifestation of life, eh?

    P.S. I love Dr. Who.


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