Tuesday, 3 March 2009

More work in progress......

Well, here they are - reasons for being no.s 1 and 2. This is the work I did Dy's Workshop on Sunday and this took me most of the day, I am such a sloooow worker. But I had a lovely day with a great group of people :-))) I'd really like to say that my creative ideas come thick and fast...........but they don't LOL! These pages look quite empty at the moment but I want to leave plenty of space around the photos to journal so I can make regular jottings of all the little things I don't want to forget because they are growing up so fast. They won't thank me for sharing all their little details with you so I'll just share this as another work in progress. I'll add to it and embellish as I go along.
Anyway I'm sure you want to know what 'Bjorn Again' the ABBA tribute band were like. FAB FAB FAB! I left the concert with a hoarse voice that's for sure. I like to think of myself as a bit of an Indie chick but I can sing along to ABBA as good as the next person. Best laugh of the day came from my Mum who confessed that on the bus she was listening to ABBA on her i-pod, getting ready for the concert, and suddenly she realised she was singing along to Waterloo at the top of her voice ha ha ha ha ha LOL! Don't worry Mum, you can count on me for the sympathy vote!
Bye for now..........


  1. Thanks for sharing your wonderful artwork. I enjoyed all your extra details in your work. Very exciting blog!


  2. what do you mean you knew I would..? Not sure I like being predictable!

  3. LOVE the color on these pages! So yummy!

  4. oh i wish i was up north! i'd join you in the classes a Dy's, i'm sure it is great fun! next time i'm up there will be quite soon actually but it will be for a funeral that i am crossing the channel, sad but that's life for you!
    xox t

  5. Strains of Dancing Queen still running through your head?? Glad you had a great night out, sounds like you had a blast.
    Your latest pages are beautiful !! Great tribute to the dear ones and the layout idea is sheer genius. Gorgeous colors, as always.


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