Sunday, 25 January 2009

Nobbly knees

Ok, so let's just say I had a bad week at work! Phew! Sometimes the pressure is too much but I decided to let off steam in my journal rather than at my boss - always a good idea not to shout at your boss :-))) I took a photo of my own legs for this (check out the nobbly knees) which involved balancing my camera on a stool, setting the timer, running round to the front of the camera, panicking by now because the camera is beeping and threatening to shoot any second, lying on the floor and putting my legs in the air. All in a day's work. I used a couple of fish images from a sheet I've had for a while by Paperstreet on Etsy (fab images - a bit different), plus some circles I cut from a Sunday newspaper. It was hard to explain to my husband why I had to leap out of bed last night to look for my circle punch. I used a quote around my legs 'not waving but drowning' which is a quote from a poem by Stevie Smith and embedded in my memory from my school days.
Anyway, I headed to Dyan's studio at Art from the Heart today for a bit of art therapy and general messy session with the paints, stamps and ink pads. I had a fab fab day and as usual was in a complete time warp. I finished the above page and also completed inside my front cover but I'll save that for another day as I'm not sure if it's finished yet. And by the way, for those of you who don't yet know - Tim Holtz will be at Dyan's place in February. OMIGOD!! Fortunately I managed to get a ticket and even more fortunately I can get there after work. As a school teacher I can't just take time off when I want and if I couldn't get to see the great man himself I don't think I could be held responsible for my actions....... :-))))

Bye for now


  1. hihi! meeting tim! that'll make you happy! control yourself though hihi!
    i'm lucky enough to be meeting him again too, i'm working side by side with Ranger in the Netherlands in february and i got chosen to follow an education day with him the day after our demo and make and takes, so i'm pleased too hihi!

  2. I love your journal page, love the colour, it's fabulous. What a great way to let off steam. How exciting that you're meeting Tim Holtz, I wonder if he'll come down under one day.

  3. Been playing with the self-timer on your camera, eh? Sexy legs, Kate !! I thought you cut out an image from a fashion magazine. Truly !!
    Awesome page. Let's hear it for art therapy.
    Too cool that you get to meet the Demi-god of Grunge. Have fun.
    Don't work to hard if you can help it.

  4. Fantastic journal page and fantastic boots - one pair and one pair only left in my size in the shop in K'boro - it was a clear sign..... am sooo excited and Dy is sooo jelous! They are definately helping to combat the januaryitis ;o) Hope this week is less pressurised for you ..???


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