Sunday, 23 November 2008

Oooh my first blog award!

Oh yes, the lovely Shelly has nominated me for an 'I Love your Blog Award', gosh, thanks very much :-))))) I'm most honoured. If I knew how to put the picture on my blog then I would do it but really it is beyond me at the this space.........
She also tagged me which means I have to tell you 7 things about myself and then tag 7 other bloggers so look out, I may be tagging you very soon. I'm not sure I have 7 interesting things to tell you but here goes.

1. I am a mean penny whistle player. I learned to play recorder at 5, then clarinet for many many years and now I like to play traditional folk music on my whistle (and after 36 years of practice, I'm quite good LOL).

2. I am a vegetarian and have not eaten meat for 23 years. I do not mind meat eaters at all and in fact my family are all carnivores but I choose not to eat meat for my own reasons.

3. I have 2 guinea pigs called Trevor and Geoffrey, and a house rabbit called Bob. Bob is in fact a girl bunny but there was a little mix up early on and by the time we found out she was a boy we had already named her. She has a cage she can go into when she wants to and on the whole she is very tame but if you put your hand in her cage she turns into killer bunny and will have your hand off.

4. I love to sing. I sing everywhere and all of the time. My favourite film is of course Mamma Mia and I was the annoying person at the cinema who was singing along to all of the songs when it wasn't the sing along version.

5. I don't like playing board games. Never did and never will. I don't like to spend hours doing something when I have nothing to show at the end. Know what I mean? I could spend three hours playing monopoly or 3 hours painting and stamping. No contest.

6. I also don't like gardening Blurgh. I do it twice a year - once to plant bedding flowers in the spring and once to plant bulbs in the autumn. And as for mowing the lawn - that's a boys job LOL ha ha ha.

7. I like my sleep. If I don't get enough sleep I become COMPLETELY unreasonable and cannot be pacified. And I also don't do mornings - usually by lunchtime I can just about string a sentence together........

Ok, so now for some art. Remember the cigar box in my last post? Well, here's the lid:

I found this plaster of paris heart whilst on holiday this summer in france. I got 3 for 1 euro! I used Claudine Hellmuth acrylics on that and on the box. I also used various scraps of text on the box and for the first time ever - a rub on! Ta -da! Can you see it? It says, no refunds no exchanges inside the box. I sprayed the inside of the box with a mix of distress reinker and pearl pigments from Art from the Heart. See dyan's blog for details of how to do this. It leaves a lovely shimmery effect. My usual bit of Mica on the top with a bit of stamping and a bit or rusty wire to hang it up with.

Time for bed now. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


  1. I love the heart it's absolutely beautiful and I'm also enjoying getting to know you little bit better through being "tagged". I've just uploaded my tagged tid-bits also.

  2. Okay, good to know. So if you ever visit the U.S., I promise I won't serve rib roast and make you play Clue. You are free to rummage through all my acrylics and art supplies, however. LOL
    Beautiful heart and never would have guessed that was your cigar box lid.
    Oh . . . and amen to No. 7 on your list . . . me, too.

  3. Hi Kate
    I have passed on to you a blog award. I hadn't checked your blog for a few days and did not know you had already had your "first". Anyway, my award to you for your fabulous artwork is on my blog for when you learn how to grab the logo!
    Hugs Sue

  4. hi kate, i found your blog through the award Sue passed on to you!
    you deserved the award! i love what you do! i'm a northe nlass myself, born in Hexham and raised in Throckley, Newcastle but i've been in belgium for ages now, i do miss up north!

    i'm giving you a link on my blog! i like your blog so much!!!



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