Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Oooh another award.......

Well, thanks to Sue of for nominating me for this award. Really I am very honoured and if you see who else Sue has nominated you'll notice I'm in very prestigious company :-) I have just started at work full time this week (yikes! When am I supposed to create?!) and after a pretty stressful day I came home to find a lovely message off Sue with this award and it cheered me up no end. Well, I thought I'd share a canvas with you today. It's very similar to an ATC I posted a while ago but I liked it and wanted to develop it a bit further. My comfort zone is absolutely working in miniature - I'm really happy to make ATCs but anything bigger can fill me with fear. JUST HOW DO YOU FILL THE SPACE?! I'm taking things slowly....... this is a small box canvas but it IS bigger than an ATC.

The chipboard heart came from Art From The Heart and I messed about with collage and crackle glaze on it. I also used a bit of the Tim Holtz ledger stamp on it. I love that stamp - most of my creations have a bit of that stamp on somewhere! The face peeping out is from a Paper Artsy doll stamp. And yes, yes, yes I know I'm still working in orange but soon I'm going to surprise you all with a different colour.

The quote at the bottom came from a book I found in a second hand book store - you know, it was one of those 'must have it, it'll probably come in useful' purchases. It's a dictionary of quotations and it's really fascinating - everything from Shakespeare to Mick Jagger, adverts to films. However, now when I'm reading it there's bits missing where I've cut the quotes out!

Ok, time to go..........................


  1. Congratulations on winning another award, it's very well deserved. I love your creations, it's beautiful and those colours ... well I can understand why you have a thing for them at the moment. Just gorgeous, well done. Diana

  2. You shall win many awards, Kate. Your work is truly lovely and unique. Fabulous box - great detail and dreamy colors.

    P.S. How funny, the word verification for this post is "uncows". Sounds farm-animal-like. I'm fixated on the subject, you know.

  3. Absolutely lovely piece! Isn't it funny how we all have a certain size we like to work with? I love cigar boxes!


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