Thursday, 20 November 2008

Hello Mum

Hee hee hee, yes, this really is my Mum. Isn't she great at pouting? Looking back at old family photos I noticed that my sisters perfected this pout too. I didn't do it when I was younger (I have however, made up for it ever since).
Well what can you do when a photos like this falls into your hands? I found this great cigar box on e-bay (of course), and covered it in my usual acrylics. I really, truly am trying to keep off pink and orange but I can't help it. I added a bit of old text, bit of stamping, bit of tissue paper, bit of this, bit of that...... and finally the photo. I used rusty wire to hang it up with (you can't see it on this photo but the wire goes in through the top of the box and hangs in little spirals on the inside). I made paper beads for the bottom by wrapping scraps of painted paper round a cocktail stick and then added a bit of gold embossing. I added a quote 'happy-go-lucky' that I found in an old printer's dictionary. I thought it suited the image well LOL! When I finished the inside of the box I felt it needed a 'window' but when I tried acetate it looked too 'new'. I really wanted Mica but it can be really difficult to get hold of in England. Fortunately, my good on-line buddy Shelly kindly sent me some of hers from the States :-))))) I stamped a few clocks on it and Ta-Da! Finished.
Now I'm off to rummage through the rest of the family album to find my next victim.........
Bye for now.


  1. This is such beautiful work! Love the colors! hmmm what did my hubby do with all those wooden cigar boxes... surely he saved them for me? Time to go basement digging! Thanks for sharing another wonderful project!

  2. Bravo, Kate !! The box is fabulous and the mica worked perfectly !! How the *?@!! did you get the stamped image to stay on it, though?? For all my experimenting with mica, I have never been able to successfully stamp onto it, even with StazOn. I must be too heavy handed a stamper.
    Got a giggle from the title of your post, too.

  3. What a wonderful work! Looks so great! :o)


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