Monday, 17 November 2008

...and a fun day was had by all......

I'm talking about the Art Journal workshop I did yesterday with Dyan Reavely from Art From the Heart of course! What a great day, it went by in a flash. We did lots of ripping, gluing and painting - right up my street :-) We started by ripping up newspaper to stick together to make our own pages in the style of Donna Downey (how green and environmentally friendly!) We then went through many many glue sticks sticking them all together while Dyan kept us entertained by singing along to 'Saturday Night at the Movies' . We then slapped on a bit of gesso..........
and added some layers of paint with a baby wipe (such useful things!)......

..and we had to use colours which we don't normally use so working outside of our comfort zone (no pink allowed for me....)

..we added a chipboard cover with book rings and now we are ready for the tricky bit - the actual journalling. Hmmmmmm, pretty soon I'm going to come up with a witty, intellectual, interesting, thought provoking idea for my first page of journalling.............

So just what do you write in a journal???

By the way I cheated when I got home and painted a page in pink anyway!!!! (Sorry Dyan!)


  1. a ha you make me sound like some musical tyrant!!lol We had a great day and oink is always allowed as its one of my faves as well.

  2. I meant to say PINK not oink sorry ha ha ha

  3. Hi Kate
    You probably don't remember me but I sat near you at the Crafty Individuals weekend and we were talking about ATCs and swaps etc.
    Glad to see you now have a blog - looks great and I shall enjoy reading it.

    See you around somewhere (or on here!)

    All the best, Anne.

  4. Too funny that you had your pink fix at home !! Methinks I spotted it on Flickr. Absolutley beautiful work and I know you were over the moon with your hands all gluey and gessoed.

  5. What a great project! Very cool and thanks for sharing!!!

  6. WOW......looks like you had a fab time.
    I would love to have a class with Dyan when time allows.


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