Wednesday 31 May 2023


Paintbrushes by me! For Carabelle Studio

Paintbrushes with a difference LOL! This is a quick page I made in my much-loved junk journal. Sometimes you just need to slap a bit of paint around without too much thought because ....

**making art shouldn't be hard work**

I coloured my stamped images in my usual carefree style (see video link *here*) and also used a couple of off-cuts of gel prints. You can just see the very lovely Feuillages stencil by Edwige, also for Carabelle Studio.

I do love working in a junk journal - there is ver little pressure. These pages are just added with a ribbon so they aren't even stitched in. This ,means I can whip them out to work on without making a mess. Win win. And I just love the general scruffiness of it. Perfection is overrated!

Have a good day! :-)



  1. I love this, and am particularly intrigued by this junk journal. I'd love to learn how to make one of these. Can you point me to a post on how it's done? Do you offer a class in how to put one of these together?

    1. Yes, I do, there's a class I did a while ago as a live on facebook and it's in my Etsy here:


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