Tuesday 30 May 2023

Holiday sketching.

Well, I took a short break recently (did you miss me?!) and of course my sketchbook went with me.

I took my usual approach of grabbing the bare bones in pencil while out on location, and then adding detail later. Doing it this way, and working small like this means I am not keeping others hanging around getting impatient with me! And I do find my drawings are much better if I draw it there and then, and not from a photo.

I used my Moleskine watercolour journal, and Schminke watercolours.

And of course I used my own hand-made ceramic palette and water pot :-) (More of these coming to my Etsy soon!)

And in case you are wondering, these drawings were done around Shetland - a truly beautiful place. (And yes, I did see the house of Jimmy Perez!) And for fans of the TV series Shetland- you can see Bains Beach here - where Jimmy drinks a lot of whisky with Duncan!



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