Monday, 6 February 2023

Shrinky Dinks!

Hamsa stamp
Mini Marks stencil by me!
for Carabelle Studio
New release coming soon - 10th February

The other day I came across my hidden stash of shrink plastic - I had forgotten I had it but what a find! There is something ridiculously satisfying about watching your stamped image become so tiny.

I stamped the image from my *new* Hamsa stamps onto frosted plastic using stazon, then cut it out as a tile before shrinking it. Sometimes I shrink with a heat gun, sometimes in the oven.

I used my new Marks printing plate and my VERY FAVOURITE new mini stencils (see pics below) on the gel plate with some alcohol inks to create my prints. My prints can sometimes look very grungy and chaotic to begin with but they all get used!

I mounted the tile onto a combination of prints and old ledger paper, and also some a scrap of collage. BECAUSE LOOK WHAT I DID WITH MY NEW MINI STENCILS!

Torn scraps of this are going to start appearing in everything!

So originally I made this as an ATC (2.5 x 3.5") but then decided that it would look cute in a frame. And it does!


To create this chunky mini hand bound journal I also used shrink plastic ....

... but this time I used clear plastic and cut around the image rather than a tile. I like this because it allows the colour of the background to show through.

I hand bound some signatures and created the cover out of Paper Leather.


Oh, and a really neat and easy way to tie in the inner pages with the outer cover, is to stamp the image on some of the pages in a light colour :-)

The *new* release from Carabelle will be with retailers from 10th February and I'll be sharing some more samples over the coming few days.

If you want to find a retailer near you, don't forget you can check out the **store finder here**



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