Wednesday, 8 February 2023

Did someone say party??!

Party Animal
Marks printing plate
Mini marks stencil set
by me!
New release for Carabelle Studio coming soon! 10th Feb :-)

Oooh, why are giraffes sooo adorable?! 

I coloured this one on a fairly sensible colour palette (keep an eye out on a future blog post for something altogether more colourful!)

Here's closer look at the colouring. Don't forget I have a short youtube video on my loosey goosey colouring technique with watercolours 
**here**.  It's a FAST way to colour - bonus!

My new set of 3 mini stencils are definitely going to be one of my favourite go-tos. I sponged paint through them onto old ledger, and bits of this are going to appear as collage in everything from now on!

Here's a print I made using my new Marks printing plate and alcohol inks. Isn't it a mess? HAHA! But I keep every print and use it somehow ... they always look better once you start to use them.

I have had this piece of Grafix Dura-Lar (transparent, wet media) sitting around on my desk for ages. Yes, I know it looks a bit like a crime scene LOL! 

The Dura-Lar wet media takes ... wet media! Sounds obvious, but it can handle watercolours, ink sprays without beading as it would on regular acetate for instance. Here I was experimenting with pools of watercolour. (More about Grafix products including videos *here*)

I LOVE a bit of Dura-Lar. I layered it over my messy print, trapping a bit of stencilled collage in between, added my giraffe, and did a bit of doodling, junk stamping, splatting, and stitching on top. The Dura-Lar makes for a great transparency to layer over other things.

And here it is in my journal :-)



  1. Totally love this, love the Dura-lar added on top, I was thinking about doing something like that the other day!! Can't wait for the 10th 😊

    1. Thanks Marjolein. Sometimes the random bits you have lying around on your desk become really useful!


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