Monday, 19 April 2021

Spotlight on Silly Birdies!


Silly Birdies by me! for Carabelle Studio
All Kinds of Everything Art Printing plate by me! for Carabelle Studio

Today I am sharing some close-ups of my Silly Birdies - newly designed by me,  and just released by Carabelle Studio. 

One thing I have done consistently throughout my whole life is draw and doodle and I have many different little sketchbooks on the go (love a good excuse to buy another Archer and Olive LOL!) So my designs are always hand drawn because that is my natural 'go to' thing to do. I use photoshop to clean up images etc but actually using photoshop makes me want to cry so I avoid it unless I really HAVE to use it. I see other people doing amazing stuff but it's not for me. Likewise I bought an Apple pen so I could conquer Procreate but I'm not interested in that either! Give me pencil and paper any day. 

So here are my Silly Birdies. I love the way they turned out - they've got attitude! In both of these tags I placed them on a background I printed using my new Art Printing texture plate - All Kinds of Everything - but more about that another day!

Thanks to everyone who  joined in the classes over the weekend for the virtual Version Scrap event. Some of you are starting to share your art created during my class and it honestly makes my heart sing :-) Thank YOU.

For details of Carabelle stockists and to see lots and lots of samples, please visit my Carabelle page *here*.


  1. Just LOVE your art! I signed up for another on line class just now because I enjoyed the last one I took so much!!! I will get these cuties when they become available in the States! xo clintine

  2. OMG! Where can I buy those "Silly Birdies" Stamps?
    I'm in love ♥

    1. LOL! Thanks! It really depends where in the world you live. If you click on the 'Carabelle' tab at the top of my blog there are some links to retailers. Thanks :-)

    2. Thank you for the answer. I'll check it. I love your art!


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